Well today I had my last blood draw to check my progesterone levels for my IVF clinic. Last week they stopped my Crinone completely. My level at the time was 30. Today they called me and told me my level was 16. Huge drop. The nurse said “Everything still looks good, your level is 16 and Dr. Silverberg only wants it above 15. You’re officially released from our office.” I was disappointed. 30 to 16 in a week?! That seems so drastic. Such a huge drop. I questioned it repeatedly and expressed I was nervous. It’s just over the minimum required. She said if it would make me feel better I can get labs again next week, which I plan to do Monday. I talked to my regular OB and he said he only requires it to be over a 10! That seems so low! I told him I’ve recently seen where others have levels over 40 and 50 and him and his nurse seemed shocked and said those numbers are way too high. Huh?! I’m so confused about the progesterone thing. I’m really nervous right now. I still have some Crinone left and I feel like just going ahead and cramming it up in me. But both of my Dr’s seem totally fine with where I’m at. This is the point in time I wish I had never googled or read others numbers so I could stop comparing myself to them! Ugh.


19 thoughts on “Progesterone

  1. I wish I could help, I know nothing about progesterone numbers. :(. But if it makes you feel better, keep using what you’ve got, or don’t and see what your next lab level is and it might go up on its own. So I’m no help. I know it’s useless to tell you not to be nervous, but don’t be. Praying for you!

    • Thank you so much! I’ve done some more research and it seems at this point quite a few doctors just require it to be over 10, so hopefully I’m ok. Hopefully. I’ll definitely check again Monday. Argh, I wish I could just sit back and relax! One worry goes, another comes!

  2. I’m not sure how I’m managing but I’ve stayed away from Dr. Google. It’s not good for anyone involved! If it makes you feel any better, I was released from my RE at 7 weeks with no progesterone bloodwork at all! I’m to stay on the 2cc PIO shots until week 11 then wean myself to 1cc until 12 weeks and then stop. I don’t know if my OB will test my levels at that point or not.

    My RE indicated that you can’t have too much progesterone so if you feel more comfortable, I say just finish up what you have and then put your faith in your body to do it’s thing. And stay off of Google! 🙂

    Good luck to you!

    • Thank you!!! Yes, I need to stay off Dr. Google! It’s NOT healthy! Although it did give me some reassurance this morning when I saw there were actually many women whose Dr’s only require a 10. I will recheck Monday and until then just be praying all is well. I’m just ready to fast forward to April when I give birth already! 😉

  3. My doctor didn’t even check my levels before discontinuing progesterone support. I stopped by 9.5 weeks with no issues. It’s hard not to second guess and Google, but I just tell myself that REs do this all the time.

  4. I think I would almost prefer him not check my levels so I don’t have a number to obsess over. Glad to hear your weaning went good and all is well! I need to remind myself too that my DR is very experienced, both of them are. This ain’t their first rodeo. It’s just so hard sometimes!

  5. 15 is what my OB said. But I’m
    Not sure what’s normal. I understand that progesterone goes up and then it comes down again. But definitely go for your regular bloods. It’s Ok to doubt them! Xo

    • I feel so bad always questioning them, I literally ALWAYS question them lol. I need to just put my faith in God and relax. My husband is always getting on me to stay positive and stop stressing myself out. Easier said than done!

      • Much easier said than done!!
        I think you should question it. You are your own advocate. Just because they are doctors doesn’t mean they can’t be wrong!!

    • Well it seems from my research that 10 is the lowest number needed in order to sustain pregnancy. I will go back Monday just to make sure it hasnt gotten any lower than 16. How us been feeling?! Haven’t seen any updates in a while!

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