imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageMy sweet babes are one!!! Crazy how quickly this year has gone by! I’m a stay at home mom and somehow still have zero time to blog. This will probably be my last post for a while, and it will be mostly pictures. I will post from the past couple months, their birthday, and Easter. If you’re on Instagram I update frequently so you can follow me there if you care to see more of my sweet babes! My IG name is Lovejsokol. I’m also on Facebook, .

Both babies are doing great, have amazing personalities l, and are just super awesome! We don’t do bottles anymore, eat everything in site, and sleep through the night! Yay!





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