Update on Progesterone

Well turns out my DR knows his shit after all. Duh, I knew this but I still get freaked out over every little thing! Anyways, I went in  yesterday to get my progesterone level and it went from a 16 last Thursday to a 24! Soooo I am super happy. I feel much better and relaxed now. Whew! And the best part of all, NO MORE CRINONE!!!! I hate that stuff with a passion.

My bump is growing FAST. Here I am 1 day shy of 11 weeks…

10.5 weeks


Other than that, not much to update. I have 7 days until my next appointment to see my little angels. I am really excited to see how much they have grown. I still feel the same physically. Nausea at night. No real cravings. Lazy as shit. Occasional headaches. Insomnia. Lots of pee. Acne like a teenage boy hitting puberty. Bigger boobs. Crazy blue veins all over. Big belly. 🙂




Well today I had my last blood draw to check my progesterone levels for my IVF clinic. Last week they stopped my Crinone completely. My level at the time was 30. Today they called me and told me my level was 16. Huge drop. The nurse said “Everything still looks good, your level is 16 and Dr. Silverberg only wants it above 15. You’re officially released from our office.” I was disappointed. 30 to 16 in a week?! That seems so drastic. Such a huge drop. I questioned it repeatedly and expressed I was nervous. It’s just over the minimum required. She said if it would make me feel better I can get labs again next week, which I plan to do Monday. I talked to my regular OB and he said he only requires it to be over a 10! That seems so low! I told him I’ve recently seen where others have levels over 40 and 50 and him and his nurse seemed shocked and said those numbers are way too high. Huh?! I’m so confused about the progesterone thing. I’m really nervous right now. I still have some Crinone left and I feel like just going ahead and cramming it up in me. But both of my Dr’s seem totally fine with where I’m at. This is the point in time I wish I had never googled or read others numbers so I could stop comparing myself to them! Ugh.

10 weeks

Today I am 10 weeks. I went in for a Doctor’s visit because I have been having some weird spotting/discharge since Sunday. My DR wanted to do an exam to rule out an infection. At the last minute he decided on me getting an ultrasound. I could barely contain my excitement. I had already been told when I made the appt. it would be for an exam only, no u/s. The ultrasound was AMAZING! It is so awesome how much the twins have grown in just 2 weeks!!!!! They really look like babies now!!!! I saw them moving around and one of them was moving their arms, it was seriously so cute!!! The only bummer was that my husband wasn’t there to see it. These are his first children and he wants to be a part of every single thing. I felt really bad but the tech did print out pictures of them for me to show. Here they are!

twins 10 weeks

Baby A is a side profile pic and baby B was looking right at us! I am seriously so in-love with these two little beans. They are both measuring right on track, Baby A is 10 weeks 2 days and baby B is 10 weeks 1 day. They are consistently always 1 day different. Baby A had a heart rate of 171 and baby B 162. Baby A actually looks like s/he has antennas in the picture. A friend that saw the pic I posted on Facebook pointed it out. No clue what the hell those things could be! Weird! I didn’t even notice it and honestly wish she wouldn’t have pointed it out.

As for how I am feeling, I have my moments. Tonight I am actually feeling good. Most nights I feel like crap. I am still having weird discharge but the DR literally cleaned me out today of all the built up Crinone so that could be the cause. It was so gross and I was so embarrassed as he was pulling out chunks. YUCK! I still don’t sleep well. I pee every hour, so a minimum of 24 times a day. I am not even kidding. I did buy a diffuser and some Lavender oil to see if it would help with sleep, it didn’t. It just gave me a headache. :-/ My appetite is unreal. I am always hungry and feel like I am going to get huge. Not just belly huge but fat gross huge. I give in to my cravings too much. I need to slow it down, or exercise, or both! My breasts are still pretty full and my nipples are tender. Not as bad as before though, or maybe I am getting used to it. I have been getting some acne on my chin and neck…gross. I have also been pretty stuffy but that may be due to the high pollen count lately. Overall I feel pretty good for someone that is growing 2 humans at once. 😉


9 weeks

Well I am now in my ninth week of pregnancy with the twins. It feels like time is moving soooo slow! I feel like I have been pregnant forever already! I am totally missing seeing my babies every week. I almost wish I had stayed with my RE longer so I could get my weekly visits. I don’t miss paying $550 a week though! I don’t have my next appt. until October 7, 2 1/2 weeks away. I wish there was some way to know if they are OK. I hate wondering. I did order an Angelsounds doppler, hopefully I can hear something with it. I hate that I am still so paranoid. Every time I go to the bathroom I check to see if there is blood when I wipe. I am constantly grabbing my boobs to make sure they are still sore. It sucks!

I did get taken completely off my meds this week. I went for labs Thursday and my Estradiol was over 2400, Progesterone was 30 (he wants it at least over 15). The nurse called and said I could stop my Crinone. I questioned it because I am only 9 weeks but she assured me that I am fine. They will check my levels next week just to make sure it is at least still above 15. In the past couple weeks my Progesterone level went from 17 one week to 32 the next, she said that is the sign that the placenta has kicked in, which is what he looks for. She also said not to compare myself to others who may have been on it longer. Every DR has different protocols, as well as every patient different issues. Soooo I will just accept it and pray they know what they’re talking about! (I am sure they do) 🙂

As far as how I am feeling, well I am at my best when I first wake up. I wake up with energy and a strong appetite. By around 3/4:00 every day I start to go downhill. I get super tired, SUPER nauseous, and usually get a headache. The nausea is intense and I have literally tried everything from ginger tea, raw ginger under my tongue, sea bands, ginger ale, crackers (yuck), Emetrol, you get the point, I have tried it all, nothing works. I did recently try lemonade with ice and it seems to help slightly, only temporarily though, after about an hour, nausea is back full force. It sucks because I am home all day by myself, feeling good, and then by the time the kids get home from school and my hubby from work, I feel like complete shit so it is hard to enjoy hanging out with them because I just want to force myself to sleep to avoid feeling sick.

I do have a few food aversions, chicken is number one…YUCK!!! The thought of it makes me sick! Meat in general is just kind of gross to me right now. Also onions, I usually love onions on everything, now I loathe them. Dairy also grosses me out. I am almost always craving carbs and salty foods. Sweets don’t really appeal to me at all. I could seriously eat Mexican food every day.

My boobs are HUGE, especially when I first wake up. They just feel super big and tight. They are very sore also. My stomach is getting HUGE too! I am totally already showing. I look 4 months pregnant. I have only gained about 3-4 pounds, in my ass and hips I think. :-/ Here is a belly shot…

9 weeks

Yes, I know, my mirror is dirty! I honestly don’t care lately. Usually my house is spotless but I have been slacking big time lately!

As far as other symptoms, I don’t really have any. Oh, I do pee a lot. I mean A LOT! I literally am up EVERY hour at night to pee, I don’t sleep good at all lately. I also pee at least once an hour during the day, sometimes more than that! Sooo annoying!

Other than all that, I feel great! I am just beyond the moon excited. We already ordered both cribs, we pick them up Sunday. We also bought both car seats. We bought a twin stroller to go with them but it is super bulky so I think we are going to return it and just get a double Snap n’ Go. I also ordered my diaper bag, super cute, looks like a purse. I love it!

I cannot wait until these little peanuts get here. I fantasize about them all the time. I also thank God constantly. I think about how much and how long we struggled to have a baby and now we are blessed with two. It is awesome. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!

My first cycle vs. my second cycle

This post is basically just a journal of what I did differently my second IVF cycle. Obviously a major difference is that my first was fresh and second was frozen. After doing some research and speaking with my DR, it seems as though FET is actually more successful. My DR said he finds any excuse he can to do FET. With an FET your body has had time to calm down from retrieval and all the meds. Who knows if there is any difference, I only know what worked for me. Another major difference was I had 2 fibroids and some endometriosis removed prior to cycle 2 so my uterus was nice and clean! With my FET I also did assisted hatching. I really think this played a huge role in the success. I mean one of the embryos was halfway out when they put it in me! The other was starting to break out. The second cycle I also took two valium rather than one. I remember with my first cycle taking the one valium and still feeling very tense and anxious. I didn’t relax like I should have. So right before the second I asked for two valium, MUCH better! I was super relaxed all day and so was my uterus! A couple of other things are bedrest, for the first transfer immediately after Dr. Silverberg required me to lay down for 30 min before I could get dressed, well a few months later at my FET he said he had done further research and found that bedrest can actually be a bad thing. Something about the way the embryos rest on the uterine wall. He said if you’re going to sit or lie down, do it propped, not completely lying down. He was voted one of America’s top doctors this year so I tend to believe everything that comes out of his mouth LOL. I immediately got up after the transfer, peed, put in my crinone, got dressed, and left. Once we left we went to Snap Kitchen to pick up our weekly meals, went home and dropped them off, went to a movie, then went to an Open House, then dinner, then home. BUSY day! The days following were similar. 2 days after transfer I even went on a 2 mile walk. He said it gets your blood flowing which is what the embryos need. First transfer I pretty much stayed in bed every single day until my BFN. Speaking of the embies, I also immediately framed the picture of them this time. I put it on my nightstand and kissed it goodnight every single night (and still do). I bonded with them instantly. I believed this time. I was constantly positive and acting as if I was pregnant. The first time I was negative, constantly googling shit, swearing it didn’t work, just a real Debbie Downer. That shit isn’t healthy. I stayed off google 98% of the time and wow, mentally I felt much better! I also had no distractions this time. I don’t work so that isn’t an issue but last cycle I was in school full-time, so were my kids, this time both kids were with family in Florida (summer break) and I did not take any classes. No stress was just what I needed!!!! I just felt so relaxed this time. My DR puts so much emphasis on being stress-free and I agree it makes a huge difference. The only other thing I did differently was eat pineapple. Sure, it’s probably just an old wives tale, but hey, pineapple is f*cking delicious so why not?! I had 2 slices per day, up until 4 days after BFP.

Who knows what the real difference was this time. It could have been a combo of all these things, just one or two, or nothing but God’s plan, all I know is that both of my beautiful embryos took!

8 Weeks

It feels like forever since I have posted anything, in reality it has only been 2 weeks I think. I was super sick for a couple of weeks. Horrible nausea that made life miserable and constant diarrhea of all things. Thankfully the nausea has tapered off some, it is worse at night. The diarrhea is also gone thank God!!!! I can actually leave my house now.

I have had 4 ultrasounds so far to see my little peanuts! It has been awesome to watch them grow week by week. Week 6 we heard the heartbeats for the first time and every week since their little hearts have beaten faster. At 7 weeks they were 142/150. Here is their pic…
twins 7 weeks

Week 7 was the last week with my fertility DR. It was bittersweet. I was so sad not to have him as my DR anymore but I was really excited to start going to my regular OB and get acquainted with that office and staff. I cried when I pulled away from Dr. Silverberg’s office. Ahhh, pregnancy hormones!

I have not been fully released yet. They will continue to monitor my estradiol and progesterone. I am down to one estradiol pill per day, still doing crinone 2 a day…yuck! My number needs to be at a 30 to get off I believe they said, last week it was 17. I will probably be on it for another 4 weeks or so. I get labs every week to monitor.

Week 8 DR visit was awesome. I went to my regular OB who is literally 5 minuted from my house and his office is connected to the hospital I will deliver at. BEAUTIFUL office! Everyone was super friendly. I love my DR and my nurse. The u/s tech was awesome too. She did the longest u/s just letting us see our babies from every angle. Their heartbeats were 158/176. I will get u/s at every appt since I am pregnant with twins (yay!!!). Once I got in with the DR it was basically just a Q & A session, no vag exam bc I am loaded with crinone. He reiterated the no deli meat thing, said I could have 1 cup of coffee a day, I can exercise but should wear heart monitor and not let my heart rate get over 140. He also said I basically just need to make it to 34 weeks with the twins, after 34 weeks he will not stop labor. He doesn’t think I will go into labor early though bc I have had 2 successful full term babies. He did say he usually takes twins out at 37 weeks, which would be April 1st! I will continue to see him every 4 weeks until I get further along, and then that will increase. Here are the peanuts at 8 weeks…

twins 8 weeks

Right now they are the size of raspberries. My stomach feels like they are the size of melons though! I feel huge already. I am constantly hungry, even when I am nauseous! My boobs are huge and I pee literally every hour, even at night when I should be sleeping. It all seems so surreal. 2 babies inside me. 3 hearts beating in me. I am pregnant. After years of struggle, pain, heart break, anxiety, you name it. I am pregnant. I just feel so blessed.

I do feel sad at times too. I read about other women still struggling. It breaks my heart. I still pray for all of you! Much Love! xoxo