Underwater Maternity with the TWINS

Ok, so I got back the majority of my pics from my underwater photo shoot…they are amazing! I am so very glad I decided to go with Adam Opris. He is brilliant! Here are the pics. Still waiting on just a couple more. I was 16 weeks with the twins in these.

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18 weeks


Well I am in my eighteenth week and overall feeling pretty good. I’m getting huge (as you can see above) and it gets uncomfortable but nothing I can’t handle. I actually love that my belly is getting big! Let’s me know my little twinkies are growing.

Symptoms are pretty much the same. I pee a lot, especially throughout the night. My appetite is huge now that the nausea is gone. I get super uncomfortable if I eat too much. I’m up 20 pounds already and honestly don’t give a shit! Haha! Normal twin pregnancy you should expect to gain 60…yikes! It is what it is. One new thing is that my skin has been really dry and my legs/hips have been hurting a lot. An old running injury has flared back up making it pretty painful to walk. Plan on talking to my DR about that. I don’t have any constipation which is super weird bc I had it really bad with my other 2 pregnancies. Maybe I’m eating better? Drinking more water? I’m not complaining though!

The babies movements are getting stronger! Best parts of my day is feeling them move. It is amazing! I just can’t wait for the full on rolls and kicks!

Something funny…my stomach is so big I can no longer shave my bikini area. Thank God for my hubby, he gets down on the floor of the shower and trims me up lol. I still have about 18.5 weeks to go. He will probably be shaving my whole body towards the end!

Nursery is getting packed with stuff! It needs to be organized big time. We have so much stuff already! Coming up with a theme for boy/girl is proving to be tough. I hate typical nurseries with typical bedding. I’m trying to just throw some stuff together and keep it pretty eclectic, which is definitely our style. Hopefully I can pull off something pretty dope!

Next appt is less than 2 weeks away! I cannot wait! That’s all for now! Xo

17 weeks

Well I am officially 17 weeks! My bump is getting BIG and I LOVE it!!! I am embracing every pound I gain. I am pregnant, with TWO babies, and I refuse to get caught up on a number on the scale. My DR says I am gaining just fine and I shouldn’t worry about a thing…so I’m not (anymore)! 🙂

I just got back from my trip home to Florida and it was so amazing! I got to see all of my friends and my parents, and eat all of my favorite foods. I had my baby shower, about 30 people came, and we got some of the most wonderful gifts!!!! Also a very good friend of mine brought over 3 HUGE boxes full of clothes in PERFECT condition from her boy and girl, size newborn to 12 months. Between that and the clothes we got from the shower we are set on clothes for a while! My parents are shipping all of my gifts home for me and the total weight came to 142 pounds!!!! CRAZY!!! But that gives you an idea of how much stuff we got! Not to mention gift cards and cash totaling $500 and when I got home there were 4 big boxes from Babies R’ Us and Target full of gifts that people had direct shipped to our house. We are so VERY thankful and appreciative! We really weren’t expecting that much but wow are we grateful!!! While I was in Florida my husband and son assembled both cribs. The nursery is actually starting to look like a nursery. It is so exciting!

As for how I am feeling, well, no complaints. My nausea is completely gone. I have a great appetite. Not really any food aversions anymore. I never really crave anything, other than food in general. I do get tired easily, short of breath, and my hips have been hurting a bit, but nothing major. So far everything is going great. I feel both babies move, still pretty light movements, but I know it is them. I listen to them on the doppler about once a week and can now immediately find both heartbeats, which I love. My next appointment, the 20 week, is December 2nd for their in-depth anatomy scan, which I will get a DVD of from my DR’s office. After that appointment I switch to every 2 weeks for my appts. That is exciting! I did get a call from my new DR while I was on vacation informing me that after she reviewed my notes from my fibroid removal surgery she has concluded I 100% will have to get a c-section due to the complexity of the surgery. I am bummed but it is what it is. It is the safest route. We will have plenty of family in town (I hope) to help out while I recover.

Well here is another shot from my underwater maternity photo shoot I had done in Florida. The photographer is AMAZING!!!! I am so glad I was able to do this shoot. 🙂


Sneak peek…

Just a quick post to give a sneak peek from my underwater maternity shoot in FL. 16 weeks prego with little peanuts! It was really fun but super hard to do believe it or not! All I have so far is this pic and I am in-love with it!!! Can’t wait to see the rest!!! I will post a pregnancy update soon! image

16 weeks

Today I am 16 weeks!! It seems like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant! My bump is getting huge and I am gaining weight like crazy, which my DR says is good??!! I have seen two different DR’s and neither seem concerned at all with my gain, they say it is completely normal with twins. Speaking of DR’s we had our 16 week appt. today and everything looked great! We found out we are having a boy and a girl!!!! SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!


Baby B is the girl and she is weighing 5 oz. already and measuring at 6 weeks 5 days, and baby A is weighing in at 4 oz. and measuring 6 weeks 2 days. We saw each babies brain and the cerebellum. We also saw the 4 chambers of each heart. Baby girl had a heart rate of 150 and baby boy had a heart rate of 146. It was amazing to see them! I am feeling them more too now, mostly at night when I lay down. I feel so blessed!

Tomorrow morning I leave for Florida for a week. I am having some bad anxiety. I have wanted to go home for so long, it has been 2 years. But now that the time has come, I am not overly excited. I get major anxiety when I am away from my husband. Strange I know but I hate being away from him. We can’t both go because someone has to stay and watch the kids. He went two weeks ago. I know I will have fun but ugh, I will miss him, my kids, my Tempurpedic, my house, my car. I am such a homebody so being away from everything freaks me out. On a good note I will see my parents, my friends, the ocean, all my favorite food spots, and I am having a baby shower which I am really excited about. Oh, and I am having my first maternity shoot, I will have another next trimester with my hubby and kids. I got extremely lucky and managed to book Adam Opris for an underwater maternity shoot. He is absolutely AMAZING! His work has been featured on news reports, magazines, and several other sources around the world. I literally just caught him before he has to leave for Antigua for a week and he is squeezing me in. I cannot wait! Here is a link to some of his work…


Here is his website…


As for how I am feeling, well, I am pretty good. I feel HUGE and tire easily. I get out of breath so quick, must be all the extra weight. I am my hungriest early in the day, by the time dinner comes I usually eat just to eat, not because I want to. I am constantly thirsty and pee allllll the time. I am back to about 6 times per night. I still have pretty bad insomnia. My nausea is almost completely gone though so I am sooo happy about that!!! My next appt. is in 4 weeks for my 20 week anatomy scan. This will be a very in depth ultrasound and they give us a DVD of it afterwards which is really cool! This is also going to be my last 4 week appt., after the 20 week I go to every 2 weeks, which means I get to see the babies every 2 weeks! 🙂

Well here are some bump pics, I was actually at the end of 15 weeks in these pics. My Mamagama shirt is awesome in my opinion, it totally fits my personality LOL.

10603627_10205152085431965_361600432732654689_n 10636043_10205138792979662_2064400420825321469_n