23 weeks

23 weeks and holding strong! I did have a scare the day after Christmas. I was taking down my Christmas decorations and doing some cleaning, went to the bathroom and saw a dime size blob of mucus. I ignored that blob, but about 30 minutes later, I peed again and there was about a half dollar size blob with a pink tinge to it. I freaked. I thought it was my mucus plug. I had already woken up with a crazy amount of swelling in my hands, wrists, feet, and legs which wasn’t going away so when this happened I decided to call my DR. She was actually on call at the hospital and told me to come straight to Labor & Delivery. I called my husband and he was home from work in about 15 minutes. I told him he didn’t have to come home, that I would call from hospital but he seemed equally as worried. I got to L & D, they put me in a gown, hooked me up to some monitors, and proceeded to do a bunch of tests. The babies both sounded good and were moving NON-STOP. I was having quite a bit of contractions which didn’t necessarily hurt, but wow, I felt A LOT of pressure with them. They tested me for amniotic fluid leak (negative), cervical length (4.7 which is really good), funneling (none), BV (negative), dilation (none), and then decided I was in no danger, and that whatever came out in the toilet was just a fluke and probably my body just cleansing itself. The DR said my contractions weren’t regular and that as long as there is no pain associated with them I shouldn’t be concerned. She did advise me that as of this point forward I need to stop cleaning, grocery shopping, being on my feet for long periods of time, etc. So now my poor hubby is tasked with getting groceries, he is out now getting them as I type. We are also considering getting a maid, which I was thinking of doing once I had the babies anyways. My big kids are helping, well my daughter is, but I would still like someone to come and truly clean. I am a freak about my house, especially the floors. :-/

Other than that crazy day everything is going great! Christmas was wonderful. We did all of our traditional Christmas Eve traditions, baked cookies, gotย Chinese food for dinner, my hubby is Jewish and usually gets it Christmas day but since being with me has moved it to the Eve. Then we drove around looking at Christmas lights, stopped at Starbucks for caramel apple cider (SOOOO GOOD), came home and put out cookies for Santa, then the kids opened one gift each. Christmas day we had our traditional Honeybaked ham, with all of the yummy sides, and just chilled watching movies. The kids were very happy with all of their gifts, as were my hubby and I. My main gift was a Sonos Play 5. I gotta say, I have always been a Bose fan in the past but this thing blows Bose out of the water. I LOVE music and this thing is AWESOME!!!! I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a simple stereo system! I also got a super cute shirt, here I am modeling it…

23 weeks

As far as pregnancy symptoms, I am just getting really uncomfortable. The babies are definitely growing, my belly is getting HUGE, babies kicks are getting very strong. No stretch marks and I pray I don’t get them!! Swelling is pretty bad. I bought some compression stockings and those seem to help a bit at night. I am also wearing a wrist brace for the carpal tunnel on my right wrist. My right side seems to be swelling much more than the left. I still pee all the time. I am sleeping better, well, I still get up every hour to pee, but I am able to fall back asleep right away most of the time which is nice. I am not able to eat huge meals without feeling sick, I guess my stomach just doesn’t have much room to expand. No other major changes, it’s just getting more and more painful.

I have my next appointment this upcoming Wednesday where I will get another growth scan of the babies. I cannot wait to see them and find out how much they weigh now! ๐Ÿ™‚

I finished up most of my baby shopping yesterday so we are almost all set! I also ordered a Twingo baby carrier. I won’t be able to use it until they are able to hold up their heads on their own but I am so excited about it! It can be a double carrier or a single carrier, each carrier has a diaper bag built into it. It is awesome.

I hope everyone had a great holiday!!!!!!! Will update again after next appointment. ๐Ÿ™‚


22 weeks!

I am now in my 22nd week. At times it feels as though time is moving so slow, and at other times I just can’t believe that in 15 weeks I will meet my little babes. I am so excited. I dream about them. I go in their nursery and fantasize about them. Ahhhh, I cannot wait!!!!!!

The bump continues to grow! Here is a shot from this morning…


I am feeling them move like crazy. I am finally able to feel baby girl really moving, which is very reassuring. I had a DR appt. yesterday and all went well. I did have to get an FFN or something like that. I told my DR I have been having a lot of contractions (some painful), and although she said this is very normal, she still wanted to do a swab on me to see if I was at risk for labor within the next 2 weeks. I am still waiting on the results but when they measured my cervix it was at 5cm, which is really good! She said I should be fine. Blood pressure was great, urine was free of protein, babies heartbeats were good. Didn’t get growth u/s but did get a peek at baby boy’s hand and head while they measured my cervix. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will get another growth u/s at next appt. in 2 weeks, New Years Eve. I had a 3d/4d ultrasound scheduled for the day before but decided not to go through with it. After researching on my own, and speaking with my DR I have come to the conclusion that there is just not enough information supporting these types of u/s as non-harmful. In fact one article says these types of u/s can cause heating of tissue which can create gas pockets and long-term effects. Yea, no thank you. I will wait until they’re born to see their sweet faces. I know tons of people get them and their babes are fine but I will not be selfish and risk any harm to them just so I can see a 3d image. Everything else at appt. went great. Babes and me are right on track.

As for symptoms, everything is the same as last week. I am getting more and more uncomfortable. It gets hard to breathe. Appetite is off the chain. I pee allllll the time. Boobs are HUGE! I have to wear a pad bc it’s like a constant running fountain down below (I know, TMI, but twin discharge is unreal). Movements excite me and are getting stronger. I get lightheaded often. Still have tingly/numb arms which my DR says is carpal tunnel. Apparently pregnant women are more apt to get this but as long as I get good return when I change my arm position, all is good.

I did make a couple more purchases. I FINALLY decided on a diaper bag, the Ju Ju Be “Be Prepared”. I was fighting with myself over style or practicality and the latter won. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag, especially for twins!!! So roomy, tons of compartments, and it’s cross shoulder so I can be hands free. Also it isn’t too feminine so hubby can rock it too if need be.


Also I bought a couple of the Lionheart Slumber Bears. They are supposed to be awesome and replicate womb sounds to help baby sleep. I also heard they can help prevent SIDS so I was immediately sold.


Nothing else much to report. Overall I feel great other than just petty normal pregnancy complaints. I am enjoying every minute of this pregnancy and do not want to rush anything. I want my little peanuts to cook for as long as possible!

21 Weeks

Today is my last day in my 21st week. This week has been a little rough. I am definitely starting to get more and more uncomfortable. Very short of breath. My legs/hips/feet hurt A LOT. I have been having quite a bit of Braxton Hicks. My arms are losing feeling at night, and get really tingly…so weird. I have been having a lot of dizziness and some crazy heart palpitations. I have also been seeing silver spots a lot. I see my DR Wednesday and plan to discuss all of these things with her. I am hoping there is nothing going on other than just normal body changes while growing 2 humans.

My belly is still growing rapidly, and I am feeling the babies move so much, especially the boy. I LOVE it! Here is my 21 week bump pic…
21 weeks

I finally bought a glider and ottoman. I am in-love with it. It was more than I wanted to spend, but soooooo worth it! I have it in my room right now because I get so uncomfortable at night, so I switch from bed to chair. I plan to keep it in my room for the first few months after the twins are born since they will be in our room anyways. I HIGHLY recommend all women get a glider…a GOOD one! You will be happy!! Here is my new obsession…

I am steadily gaining weight, oh well. I don’t care LOL. I did take my rings off which I am bummed about. They still fit but when I wake in the morning and sometimes at night they just feel too snug for my liking so I decided to lock them away in the safe until they are comfy again. I feel weird being out and about though prego with no wedding rings LOL. I don’t know why but I do!

I continue to shop for these little peanuts. I LOVE buying baby clothes and items. It is so fun. I just got this adorable bloomer and headband set from Crew & Lu for baby girl. I am obsessed with it!!!

I cannot wait to dress these little babes up!

Well that’s all for now. I will update after my DR appt. on Wednesday. Until then, much love! xo

20 week twin bump pic!


Here’s my bump! This thing grows by the minute it feels like! Only 20 weeks and I look like I’m almost full term, LOL. I am loving it, even though I am getting super uncomfortable, I don’t mind. So glad my peanuts are healthy and growing! ๐Ÿ™‚

20 Weeks

I am 20 weeks and feeling great! We had our 20 week anatomy scan a couple days ago and the twins look awesome! Baby girl is weighing in at 10 ounces, and baby boy at 12. He is now bigger than her, and gained 8 ounces in the past 4 weeks! They are both looking so big though on the ultrasound!

20 week babes

The DR has moved me to bi-weekly appts. so now I get to see my peanuts every 2 weeks! We will more than likely get our c-section date in February, and it will probably be the last week of March. Time is flying by!

We already have most everything we need for the babies. We really only have left some minor essentials, a breast pump, the baby monitor, and some nursery decorations. Between what we got as gifts and what I have been ordering, we are way ahead of the game! I am torn on the diaper bag though. I am between the Petunia Pickle Bottom Abundance backpack and the Ju Ju Be, Be Prepared diaper bag. Both are recommended for twins. I like the backpack better, but I am not into those prints…totally not my style! So I will probably end up going with the black Ju Ju Be. I just got their swings this week and they are so awesome! We decided to go with the 4moms Mamaroo. I wasn’t sold at first, as I like the old fashioned swings, but my hubby really loved these so I agreed. I have to admit, they are pretty awesome!


I also ordered their first pair of moccs and they are so cute!!!! I have been ordering headwraps/headbands like crazy too! My favorite purchase is their Miracle Babies shirts. Here are a few pics…



FullSizeRender (4)


As far as how I am feeling…pretty good actually. I still pee a million times a day and all through the night. My belly is getting HUGE (I will post a pic this week). I am hungry all the time! I have been sleeping during the day lately which is rare for me. My nausea has come back slightly, but nothing compared to first trimester! I have been feeling a ton of movement and I LOVE it!!! Last night my hubby was even able to feel the girl moving! It was awesome! So yea, not much new to report, other than just growing very quickly!!! ๐Ÿ™‚