35 weeks

I am 35 weeks, 1 day today. My body has finally hit a point where it is hard to even stand at all, even if for a few seconds. My thighs down to my feet are extremely swollen so putting pressure on that is just plain hard. My pelvis feels like it is going to crack open at any minute, even when sitting. Things are getting tough for sure!

I actually ended up in the hospital…again! Sunday, my 6 yr wedding anniversary I started having regular, painful contractions, about 3 min apart. I waited a little over an hour to go in to make sure they didn’t stop. Once I got there they hooked me up and indeed I was cranking out some pretty strong contractions. At that point I was 34 weeks, 5 days, past the point of them stopping labor. They checked my cervix and I was still a 1, which is what I was 2 weeks prior when I was in the hospital. They couldn’t do an FFN because I had sex that morning and apparently that will give you a false positive. The DR on call didn’t want to give me meds to stop contractions, but didn’t want to deliver me either, she also didn’t want to let me leave because of the fact I am at risk for uterine rupture due to my previous myomectomy. Sooooo she kept me overnight. It was awful, I got zero sleep because the babies were so active they kept losing their heartbeats on the monitors so the nurse literally pulled up a chair and sat by my bed ALL night to play with the monitors and make sure she could find babies. They gave me an Ambien and three rounds of pain meds (over a few hours), and I still couldn’t sleep. Finally at 7:00 am my DR showed up and released me because my contractions had slowed on their own. I went in the next day (yesterday) for my 35 week exam, babies passed their BPP again…yay!! My girl (baby B) is transverse again and now my boy (baby A) is breech. It doesn’t matter because I am getting a section but I must say, their movements are from every angle now and they HURT!!! I saw the DR, he examined me, still at a 1. He decided to go ahead and bump my c-section up a week because of all the contractions I have been having. So this upcoming Tuesday, 3/24, I will be meeting my sweet babies!!!!! I cried all day yesterday thinking about it. I know these next few days will go fast. I am beyond excited!!! I have my Pre-admission testing Monday morning and then Tuesday I need to be at L & D by 5:00 a.m., and at 7:00 a.m. is my section. I am nervous about the surgery but the excitement overrides that big time!

As for how I feel, I pretty much stated that above. I am miserable. My belly feels like it is literally going to rip open any minute. It is so tight and just keeps growing. My body aches, especially the lower half that has all of the swelling. My bowels are loose, and I am having about 4 bowel movements a day. Awesome considering I can barely freaking wipe. Heartburn is still present. I still pee allll the time. Sleep sucks again but I am always tired. I walk extremely slow because of the pain. But hey, I don’t give a shit anymore because I know it’ll be over in just a few short days and the rewards I am getting are very well worth it. So bring it on!

Here is my big ol’ bump! Just when I think it cannot possibly get bigger, it does!


Next post will be all about my peanuts!!! xo


34 weeks

34 weeks, 2 days. WOW! I am so close I can taste it. I just cannot believe that in less than 3 weeks I will meet my two miracles. Amazing. After all the struggle, the years of emotional and physical pain, FINALLY our sweet babies will be in our arms. I am just so glad we never gave up hope. It saddens me to read about so many other women still struggling for their miracle baby, all I can say is you’re all in my prayers and do NOT give up.

Here are a couple bump pics. Yes, I am in my undergarments in one pic…who cares?! At least I’m not naked! LOL. I have no shame in my bare belly. Baby bumps are BEAUTIFUL! 🙂




I have dropped even more from last week. This bump is getting crazy big!!!! In the pic where I am laying in bed (dreading the painful “roll over” to get out of bed) you can see my bump literally just lays on my lap haha! I have also gotten stretch marks…BOO!!!!! You can’t see them in the pics because they are on the front of my belly, and rather light. They are definitely there though! Oh well, shit, I have earned my mama stripes and will embrace them! I will also continue to douse myself in Bio Oil haha!

I had my 34 week appt. and the DR congratulated me on getting to this point. This is a major milestone. From this point on if I go into labor they will not stop it. So I could literally have these babies any day. CRAZY!!! Mine and the babies bags have been packed for some time. My hubby will install the car seats this weekend and we will officially be ready!!! Back to the appt., both babies looked great! They passed their BPP with flying colors once again. Baby girl showed us her foot, and it is pretty big! LOL! Also, the u/s tech was laughing because she has soooo much hair! It was literally sticking straight up! Baby boy has hair also but not as much as her. He was pretty hard to see, well, they both were actually. The tech told us they would get harder to see the farther along we got. I have not gained any weight. Crazy because the past 2 months I have really only gained I think 2 pounds. I gained a few, lost a few, and have had weeks where I just stay the same.

Symptoms are the same really. Carpal tunnel is still pretty much gone. Yay!!! Joints are not as achy as before. Double yay!!!  It does hurt getting out of bed, but only because of all of the weight and pressure in my belly. It is pretty painful rolling over and getting out of bed. I have to sit up for at least a minute and let everything settle down in my uterus. Sleep is OK. Still pee a lot. My hemorrhoid seems to have disappeared as well. Triple yay!! I have been soaking like crazy in Epsom salts, I really think that is what helped the most. Still having heartburn but Zantac 75 knocks it out in about 15 minutes, that stuff is awesome. I have been extremely hungry lately, I am assuming the babes are going through a growth spurt. I am eating like crazy but not gaining, so they must be taking it in right?? No cravings at all, just food, lots of it. I do have a TON of pressure down low. They have dropped and man do I feel it!! Their kicks and movements are really strong now. Sometimes one of them will move and my whole body literally shakes from side to side. It is so funny!!!

Well, that is pretty much it. We have our next appt. at 35 weeks, next week. I will post then! xo



33 weeks

Today I am 33 weeks, 3 days! It is crazy, I am so close to meeting my little lovies. Once I get to 34 weeks (this upcoming Tuesday) if I go into labor my DR will not take any measures to stop things. So literally any day these babies could come!! Bags are packed and ready to go!

Here is my latest bump pic…this thing is getting big! I am so proud though. I am growing 2 humans, it is hard, and this big bump is the vessel that is carrying these babies to good health!

33 weeks

I have managed to avoid stretch marks which is amazing because my stomach was pretty flat pre-pregnancy and is now HUGE. I still have about 3 1/2 weeks though and from what I have seen most ladies get them after 34 weeks. If I get them I get them. I will not stress over it. I will embrace the mommy stripes! 🙂

So, some weird things have taken place this week. My carpal tunnel is almost completely gone. It’s really weird. I don’t need my brace anymore and almost all tingling is gone in my fingers. I still have some mild swelling but the pain is gone. No complaints here! Also getting out of bed is still hard but now it’s just because of how large my stomach is. My hip pain is almost gone, as well as the knee and ankle pain. I still have a slight sciatica pain I notice at night when I get up to use the restroom but it’s very minimal. So crazy because as of last week I was miserable any time I needed to get out of bed, I mean almost in tears! I am  thinking maybe it’s because both babies have dropped significantly and are both head down. It must have something to do with it. In place of that pain though I got freaking hemorrhoids! Never in my life have I had them and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone. It SUCKS!!!! They just popped up about 3 days ago, and ouch. I have tried Tucks pads, tea tree oil, coconut oil…no relief. I plan to try Prep H tonight, sending hubby on another drug store run. What is confusing to me is how this even happened. I have had literally zero constipation throughout this pregnancy. I am extremely regular and never need to strain. In fact the past week and a half I have been having very loose stools, up to 4 times a day. I do feel an extreme amount of pressure now that the babies are head down and have dropped so that must be the cause. I thought hemorrhoids came from straining though. I plan to discuss this with my DR because I truly am shocked. Back to the pressure, it is unreal. When I walk I literally feel like my vagina is going to split open. They are so low right now and I feel every bit of it. Not to mention I don’t get light kicks anymore, they are full on stretching, punching, kicking. It rocks my whole body! Other things going on are just still constant peeing, even more so now because of how they are situated. I am also ALWAYS hungry. I just can’t eat enough this past week. It is ridiculous! My hubby has made 2 grocery trips this week haha! Poor guy! He is so good though because he checks to make sure I have my favorite things and as soon as I get low he goes to the store. God I love that man. Heartburn is still present. It’s not bad but annoying. I take Zantac 75 though and within 30 minutes it’s gone. My sleep is much better lately, I am guessing bc my hip pain stopped. The pain was so bad before it would wake me up. So yay for that! I still get BH but very randomly. They are super strong when I get them but so sporadic, which is good, especially after last weekends scare!

So yea, that’s about it on news to report. Oh yea, and we decided to go with Nathaniel as a middle name for our boy. If you read my last post I was super annoyed that we may have to use a J name to please a family member. Hubby and I talked and agreed that we will use a name that WE LOVE. So it’s settled. Harper Olivia is our girl and Tucker Nathaniel is our boy! 🙂


32 week scare

Well I had quite a scare this past Saturday. Around 11:00 a.m. I started having some pretty intense contractions. They started out pretty regular but spaced out to about 8 min apart. As the day went on they got stronger, more painful, and closer together. I made sure I drank a ton of water and I went in my room to lay on my left side. Well about 4:00 they were pretty intense and laying down did nothing. I called the nurse line for my DR office and the on call DR advised me to go straight to L & D. Once I got there they hooked me up to the machines and saw I was having regular contractions every 3 min. They gave me an IV with fluids and checked my cervix, I was dilated to a one, which was new bc I have been very “closed and tight” according to my DR. They informed me I would be getting steroids to help develop the babies lungs in case of delivery. Ok, this is when the waterworks start. I was terrified of delivery especially since I know if delivered at my hospital before 34 weeks they can’t stay there, they have to be moved to a level 3 NICU hospital. The nurse assured me that if I wasn’t progressing too fast they would be able to transport me either via ambulance or helicopter to a level 3 NICU hospital to deliver. OK, I felt somewhat better. I got the steroid shot. They checked me a few times and regardless of the fact that the contractions were getting stronger, my cervix was doing nothing. I got a an FFN, which was negative. They gave me Stadol for pain and Zofran for nausea. The Stadol put me on my ass. I was instantly relaxed, and the pain was gone. Still felt the pressure of the contractions but no pain. After laying there for a while doped up on that crazy med they decided to give me Procardia to stop the contractions, along with two ambien so I could sleep once I got home and then they sent me on my way. I got home and was a total wack job. My hubby recorded me because I was in another world. I have never taken Ambien or Stadol and apparently it made me a completely different person. YIKES. The next day (yesterday) I woke up feeling like I had a hangover but with no contractions or pain. Last night I had to go back and get my second dose of steroids. So yay, success that all has stopped and we are back in business for our goal of cooking these babies for hopefully 4 more weeks.

In another news, today I had my 33 week appt. (I am 32 weeks 6 days today) and all looked GREAT! This was the start of weekly Biophysical Profile ultrasounds. Both babies have to score an 8, and they both passed with flying colors! They look to see if they can breath on their own, which they did and it was SO cool to watch. Then they look at their heart rates, count their movements, check amniotic fluid level, check to see if their stomach is full with amniotic fluid, and that their bladder is also. She checked a couple other things too, and all looked great!!! So I am very relieved. My baby girl is now head down like her brother but not completely because he is blocking her, obviously because he is the way. I figured she must have changed positions because I didn’t have as much pressure in my ribs and the movements felt different. It is definitely getting harder to make out their features because it’s getting so crowded in there but I was able to make out a few things and they both just look so cute. I cannot wait to meet them!

Ok, that’s all for now. I will update later in the week for my 33 weeks. 🙂