Update on Progesterone

Well turns out my DR knows his shit after all. Duh, I knew this but I still get freaked out over every little thing! Anyways, I went in  yesterday to get my progesterone level and it went from a 16 last Thursday to a 24! Soooo I am super happy. I feel much better and relaxed now. Whew! And the best part of all, NO MORE CRINONE!!!! I hate that stuff with a passion.

My bump is growing FAST. Here I am 1 day shy of 11 weeks…

10.5 weeks


Other than that, not much to update. I have 7 days until my next appointment to see my little angels. I am really excited to see how much they have grown. I still feel the same physically. Nausea at night. No real cravings. Lazy as shit. Occasional headaches. Insomnia. Lots of pee. Acne like a teenage boy hitting puberty. Bigger boobs. Crazy blue veins all over. Big belly. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Update on Progesterone

    • Thanks love! I cannot believe how much my stomach is growing!! It’s a little nuts!! And I only eat like 2 meals a day. Crazy! And yes, almost done with 1st trimester…1 more week!!! So excited!! 🙂

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