6 months!

My sweet angels are 6 months old already! Half a year!!! Crazy how that happens! I suck at keeping up with my blog, sorry. In my downtime the last thing I feel like doing is sitting down typing, well anything other than my constant IG and FB posts. Haha! If you’re following/friends with me on social media then you have seen a trillion updates. 😉

Both babies are on solids, have been for over a month. Tuck started rolling over at 4 months and Harper started her first week into her 5th month I believe. I am a horrible mom, I don’t have a baby book or write anything down. I just jump up and down for joy when new things happen. I need to get better at milestone tracking. They both are trying to sit by themselves, Tuck is better than Harper at it. They are both moving, but not crawling. Baby gates will be up soon!

We have our 6 month appt. tomorrow and I am positive both babies are at least 18 lbs each, probably more. They are both in size 3 diapers, and wear 6-9 month clothes…sometimes even 9-12 month! They go down for bed at 6:30/7 pm, wake around 4:30/5 am for bottle and go right back to sleep until around 7:30/8 am. We recently got a 12 hr straight stretch which was awesome. They also take a 2 hr nap after lunch every day. Best thing I did was moving them into their own room and their own cribs!

Anyways, Tuck is being super fussy so I am just going to blow this post up with a bunch of pictures!

10290660_10206943539537198_6234960714510161614_n10408127_10207192320036555_7813385740392870825_n11898867_10207466386568047_8394048062149293643_n6 monthstexas pumpkin bath sink 12036764_10207689340581758_3758064869646290695_n 12006089_10207591074325163_8224176343257511103_n 11990445_10207594185842949_7255924116025350680_n 11988637_10207548634104184_5361003031573452433_n 11960093_10207556004688444_1174782338087809272_n 11892228_10207364651504734_2363533226547444543_n 11836637_10207272626804174_240788241198264716_n 11822569_10207323310511235_3996535472540591057_n 11800214_10207248056749938_178564669025093204_n 11659500_10207030240704673_4926885420862753255_n 10897840_10207539367152516_7282266934802868569_n


6 thoughts on “6 months!

  1. Ohh ok, different name maybe? I’m so awful at keeping up with my blog, let alone everyone else’s. I just checked yours and wow your sweet boy is getting so big! He is beautiful!

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