2 months

11224228_10206690051000143_4522134579834721160_n My sweet babes are 2 months already (9 weeks today)!!! How did this happen?! Time is going way too fast! Things have been super crazy. Being a twin mom is a wild ride, that’s for sure. EXTREMELY worth it, but wild! My days all run together, I constantly smell like baby puke and also quite frequently BO. I do make sure I take a shower daily, although by the time I crawl in bed I’m usually pretty funky LOL. I’m lucky if I eat my first meal before 5:00 pm. I am surviving off coffee (usually cold by the time I drink it LOL), Diet Pepsi, and occasionally I squeeze a protein shake in if I am feeling “off” from the lack of food. Good news – I’ve lost almost 70 lbs haha. My hair gets washed once a week, on Sundays when my hubby is off, and I am constantly rocking a “mom bun”. So enough about me… These sweet babies are AMAZING! They have very different personalities. This picture pretty much sums them up, Tucker is super chill and Harper is a feisty little diva. 11006417_10206648291396179_2191841832573836509_n   Harper is smiling all the time. It is the most amazing thing. Tuck is still trying to get the hang of smiling and when he does do it, it melts my heart. They are the sweetest, cuddly babies ever. Both love to be held (main reason why I rarely eat or get much done LOL), which I have no problem doing. I have mastered holding both at the same time. I have also mastered tandem feeding. I highly recommend the Twin Z pillow for twin mamas. I decided to stop breastfeeding but this pillow is still super handy. I can put both babies in it and tandem feed. It is also great for just putting the babies in it to chill. I will sit in front of them and talk and play with them, and I also put them there in the mornings to watch Mickey Mouse Club. Yes, I let them watch TV this young. They love the colors and noises, and it allows me time to wash bottles from the night before. Speaking of bottles, I use Dr. Browns and holy parts! It is a mission washing the damn things. Well worth it because they help with gas, but danggggg! Back to the feeding pillow, I also have a single nursing pillow, that I obviously don’t use for nursing. It is super handy for tandem feeding as well. I will hold one baby and sit the other baby in the middle of the pillow and feed, usually when I’m on the couch. Or if I feed one at a time I use that. So my recommendation to other twin mamas is to get a twin pillow as well as a single, you will use both! Another great thing to have for feedings is the Aden & Anais burp/bib cloths. They are amazing! They’re huge! We go through a ton each day. It’s amazing how much laundry two tiny babies produces LOL. I literally do a load a day! Their 2 month check-up is next week so I have no clue how much they weigh or how long they are. I do know that two weeks ago Tuck was 10 lbs at his GI appt. He is a BIG boy! They’re both getting huge though. Already in three month clothes and size one diapers. Please time slow down!!! Sleep is still pretty much non-existent for me. The babies are eating 4 oz. every 3 hrs on the dot. We have had a couple nights they have gone 4, and once they went 5! VERY rare though! I was doing feedings on my own every night but it was just too much so now I wake my hubby. We can usually get both fed and diapers changed in about 25 minutes. We have a pretty strict nightly routine. I do baths between 6-7 every night depending on when their last feeding was. They hate baths by the way! Some nights they do OK but quite often they cry through it, especially Harper! Also the lotion afterwards, oh man, Harper screams bloody murder haha! I am hoping they will like them once they’re older. Usually between 8:30-9:30 is their next feeding and immediately after that they go down to sleep whether or not they’re awake or not. They never fuss, they go right to sleep which is awesome. We still swaddle them every night because they love it. We were using the Aden & Anais swaddle blankets but found that the Swaddle Me wraps are way easier and quicker so we loaded up on those things. Before I go to bed I make sure all my bottles are prepped up until their 7/8:00 am feeding. Makes life so much easier. Both are on formula. Tuck gets Nutramigen because he has had so many tummy issues. He has reflux and also gets spasms of the colon. He takes Prevacid for the reflux and Levsin for the spasms. Between the formula and the meds, and also keeping him at a constant incline, even while sleeping, we have noticed a difference. His GI DR says he should start to outgrow the two around 6 months. Harper is on Gentlease which she does fine on. A lot of things have just been trial and error with the babies. For instance the bottles, we originally bought Avent, then switched to Tommy Tippee, and are now on Dr. Browns. Also the swings, we bought two Mamaroos and Tuck doesn’t really care for it so we had to go buy a regular swing for him. Harper loves it though. We switched diaper bags as well. I originally bought the Ju Ju Be Be Prepared bag because it was highly recommended for twins. It is a pain in the ass! It’s huge, and so hard to find stuff in it. It is now sitting in the closet collecting dust. I will use it for travel. I bought a backpack diaper bag and LOVE it! So easy and I love carrying a backpack as opposed to a huge diaper bag. The most important thing I have realized is to have a routine, probably the ex Army in me LOL. It is hard with twins, and it isn’t exact, but it helps. Every morning after our 7/8:00 am feed we always change diapers, change outfits, and head out to the living room. I open all the curtains and make it bright and somewhat noisy. We have play time, swing time, nap time, etc. At night is the only time we go in the room, and we make it very quiet and dark. I think this has played a huge part in them going right to sleep at night. I also try and take them on walks every day. I bought an awesome double jogging stroller and they love it. I don’t jog yet, and may never again LOL, but it is great for walks too. I had my 6 week pp appointment and all was well. I have lost about 70 lbs, still have a ways to go due to a big gain pre-pregnancy. The DR was impressed though and didn’t even recognize me when I was walking down the hall. 🙂 I do have a hernia from pregnancy that can only be corrected with surgery. It sucks because you can see it and it makes my stomach look big and pointy. I have to wait a year to correct it. Boo!!! I am still a little tender but the DR says thats normal. I am also super gassy since having the twins. It is really weird. I am hoping that goes away eventually, I am sure my husband hopes so too!

I must admit I kind of feel like Superwoman. For the most part I do everything on my own. Although my hubby has cut back somewhat on how much he works, he still works a lot. He went from 75 hrs a week to about 60. We have zero family around and all of my friends are in FL. I have days where I just sit and cry right along with the babies. Taking care of 4 kids, 2 of which are babies, is hard but it’s also very empowering. I feel like a badass haha! At the end of the day, all of the chaos is so unbelievably worth it. I cannot imagine a life any different.

Well, I am amazed I was able to write this with very few breaks. I must go now though and try to squeeze in a quick shower! I will try and be better about updating, but as you can imagine it is super hard to sit at a computer with two babes! I apologize for the randomness of this post. I tried to keep it organized, and to have it make as much sense as possible but honestly my brain is much these days LOL. Much love! xo 10385563_10206664676885806_4389476430361838190_n11013617_10206626256845329_7848679339593872432_n10622853_10206677829694618_2923233906874212448_n11127755_10206683700001372_8544242346420513997_ncry


10 thoughts on “2 months

  1. Awe, sweet pictures! I know you have your hands full but you’re pulling it off and doing a great job if babies are doing so well! Super impressed that both the babies and momma are getting a daily shower or bath. I imagine I will not be so talented to pull that off! I don’t think you have to bathe them daily, but it probably helps create a great bedtime routine that signals them to get sleepy. 😉

    • Thanks! Xoxo

      Yea you totally don’t have to bathe everyday. We started doing that around 4 weeks just for the sole reason of establishing a routine. We use the lavender bath and I have my lavender oils burning at the same time so although they hate the actual process, it does totally relax them once they’re dressed and swaddled. 🙂 Anything to help make bedtime easy haha!

  2. Wow you’re a mega super mom! I have a hard enough time with one baby. I wasn’t showering daily. Still I’m not. Oo oops. There is just so much to do.
    I hear ya about Dr. Brown. I use it too. It’s a pain in the neck. I may switch at some point when we grow out of 4 ounce bottles.

  3. I think you’re amazing for doing the majority of this on your own. I completely emphasize with not having any family close by. It was a huge struggle for me on the beginning and I totally get sitting in the middle of the floor crying!

    We use the Dr. Brown’s bottles too. Tried avent and tommee tippee but with all Mackenzie’s eating issues the Dr. Brown’s worked best. I’m glad to hear you’re getting Tucker’s GI issues figured out. It really does help to make bottles ahead of time.

    Hang in there momma! You’re doing great!!! 🙂

    • Thanks babe! How is Mackenzie doing now as far as her tummy issues?? I know you were having a rough time finding the right formula. We went through that too. It’s so frustrating.

      • Thanks for asking. She’s doing well. Finally gaining at an appropriate rate and is eating much better. She hardly fusses at the bottle now. She’s getting a little chunk which is nice to see. Formula issues are definitely frustrating, especially when I really did want to breastfeed and my body wouldn’t produce nearly enough. Thankfully we’re on the right path and I just keep telling myself 6.5 more months of formula until we switch to whole milk.

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