A few pics…

Hello everyone! I have been meaning to post but twin mom life keeps me SUPER busy! I just wanted to post a few pics of my beautiful peanuts. I don’t have time to write much because I can hear the babes stirring right now. They are doing wonderfully and constantly changing. I cannot believe it’s been 5 weeks since I had them! Crazy! Time is flying! Anyways, here they are…

20885_10206460022969586_3050432887376139212_n 11037253_10206519845185104_1745166238007043005_n 11175031_10206461497486448_4087722978803774624_n (1)11156372_10206486084861117_4280154779244289565_n10314543_10206426360648049_6586465979792295802_n 11138634_10206473759552992_3208574337510053749_n 11140052_10206434378928501_3290572703114688674_n

I included a couple from their photo shoot, which turned out AMAZING! I will post more from the shoot as soon as I have time. Ok, back to babies! Hope everyone is well. 😉 Much love! xo


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