Hi there! Just a super quick update until I can sit down and think enough to write a full post. My beautiful loves were born 3/24/15 at 7:18 am and 7:19 am, my boy first. Tucker Nathaniel weighed 6 lb 7 oz, 19″ and Harper Olivia was 5 lb 15 oz, 19″. Both so beautiful!

Long story short, Tucker was fine and healthy but my sweet girl had to be trauma hawked to Dell Children’s Hospital bc she was having breathing issues. She had been in the NICU a little over a week. It has been heartbreaking, especially the night she was flown out. I will write more about details of everything soon. Good news is she is coming home today!! I am so excited!

Ok, have to go for now, I’m almost done pumping. Here is a pic of my super sweet babies.


21 thoughts on “Update

  1. I am so happy to see this post! I was hoping every day for an update! So happy all is well now w your little girl & she’s going home. I bet that was a mega highly emotional week.
    Enjoy! So, so sweet xo

    How are you managing with feedings?? Your daughter, has she gotten any Breast time or not yet?

    • Thank you! Unfortunately I stopped breastfeeding a couple days once she got home. It was way too hard to pump and feed with twins. I felt super guilty, and still do, but it was exhausting and causing me to become depressed. The DR reassured me that plenty of babes get formula and all do great. She says its best to not be stressed. I still feel guilty though bc my supply was awesome. Oh well! Major kudos to BF mamas! 🙂

      • I can only imagine with two! Your daughter would have needed pumping while your son Bf?
        We will always feel guilty on some level EH. Me too for wanting to stop early.

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