35 weeks

I am 35 weeks, 1 day today. My body has finally hit a point where it is hard to even stand at all, even if for a few seconds. My thighs down to my feet are extremely swollen so putting pressure on that is just plain hard. My pelvis feels like it is going to crack open at any minute, even when sitting. Things are getting tough for sure!

I actually ended up in the hospital…again! Sunday, my 6 yr wedding anniversary I started having regular, painful contractions, about 3 min apart. I waited a little over an hour to go in to make sure they didn’t stop. Once I got there they hooked me up and indeed I was cranking out some pretty strong contractions. At that point I was 34 weeks, 5 days, past the point of them stopping labor. They checked my cervix and I was still a 1, which is what I was 2 weeks prior when I was in the hospital. They couldn’t do an FFN because I had sex that morning and apparently that will give you a false positive. The DR on call didn’t want to give me meds to stop contractions, but didn’t want to deliver me either, she also didn’t want to let me leave because of the fact I am at risk for uterine rupture due to my previous myomectomy. Sooooo she kept me overnight. It was awful, I got zero sleep because the babies were so active they kept losing their heartbeats on the monitors so the nurse literally pulled up a chair and sat by my bed ALL night to play with the monitors and make sure she could find babies. They gave me an Ambien and three rounds of pain meds (over a few hours), and I still couldn’t sleep. Finally at 7:00 am my DR showed up and released me because my contractions had slowed on their own. I went in the next day (yesterday) for my 35 week exam, babies passed their BPP again…yay!! My girl (baby B) is transverse again and now my boy (baby A) is breech. It doesn’t matter because I am getting a section but I must say, their movements are from every angle now and they HURT!!! I saw the DR, he examined me, still at a 1. He decided to go ahead and bump my c-section up a week because of all the contractions I have been having. So this upcoming Tuesday, 3/24, I will be meeting my sweet babies!!!!! I cried all day yesterday thinking about it. I know these next few days will go fast. I am beyond excited!!! I have my Pre-admission testing Monday morning and then Tuesday I need to be at L & D by 5:00 a.m., and at 7:00 a.m. is my section. I am nervous about the surgery but the excitement overrides that big time!

As for how I feel, I pretty much stated that above. I am miserable. My belly feels like it is literally going to rip open any minute. It is so tight and just keeps growing. My body aches, especially the lower half that has all of the swelling. My bowels are loose, and I am having about 4 bowel movements a day. Awesome considering I can barely freaking wipe. Heartburn is still present. I still pee allll the time. Sleep sucks again but I am always tired. I walk extremely slow because of the pain. But hey, I don’t give a shit anymore because I know it’ll be over in just a few short days and the rewards I am getting are very well worth it. So bring it on!

Here is my big ol’ bump! Just when I think it cannot possibly get bigger, it does!


Next post will be all about my peanuts!!! xo


27 thoughts on “35 weeks

  1. SO excited for you!!! Not looking forward to being in pain when I get bigger but it will all be worth it!! Can’t wait to read about your babies!!!!

      • You’ve stayed positive through your entire pregnancy regardless of the obstacles you’ve had to overcome!! Fingers crossed but I have a feeling it comes with the territory!

  2. I had horrible times in hospital too. Who can sleep there? No one! Blah.
    Glad contractions slowed.
    After DH and I DTD I had horrible, horrible cramps. It may be why you were contracting.
    Wow almost time to meet those little ones. So amazing!
    Physically, I get your pains. I was really miserable for a long time.
    Han in there & good luck!!

    • Thanks love! I’m so excited! Im thinking they may come on their own sooner. Contracting like crazy today. My uterus is just maxed out! I just can’t wait to see their sweet faces!!!! 🙂

      • You may very well. So you aren’t having Braxton Hicks?
        I had lots of BH and some painful ones leading up to actual labor.

      • Well they are obviously BH bc they aren’t changing my cervix but they’re constant and so painful. DR is worried it’s just too much stress on my uterus. Today they’re actually pretty minimal, yesterday they were horrid. 4 days to go!!! I’m hoping my body cooperates! 😊

  3. That belly is fantastic! You really look fabulous. So excited (and a wee bit jealous) you get to meet your babes in a few days! Holy crap, time has flown. Good luck to you!!!

  4. I’m so sorry that you had to stay overnight in the hospital and that you’re feeling miserable. Take good care of yourself! ❤

  5. I’m impatiently awaiting your updates too!! I’m just so excited for you!
    When I first decided to blog about my journey, you were the first story I read, the first journey I chose to follow. I wasn’t there for your very beginning, but I spent hours that night reading from your first post on. You spoke about the reality of ivf before I started my journey – the downs and shortly after the ups. You journey has made me smile and gave me hope when I needed it. I cannot wait to hear about you welcoming your loves into this world. I’m wishing you the best, a happy recovery, and that everything went/goes smoothly. Xo

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