34 weeks

34 weeks, 2 days. WOW! I am so close I can taste it. I just cannot believe that in less than 3 weeks I will meet my two miracles. Amazing. After all the struggle, the years of emotional and physical pain, FINALLY our sweet babies will be in our arms. I am just so glad we never gave up hope. It saddens me to read about so many other women still struggling for their miracle baby, all I can say is you’re all in my prayers and do NOT give up.

Here are a couple bump pics. Yes, I am in my undergarments in one pic…who cares?! At least I’m not naked! LOL. I have no shame in my bare belly. Baby bumps are BEAUTIFUL! 🙂




I have dropped even more from last week. This bump is getting crazy big!!!! In the pic where I am laying in bed (dreading the painful “roll over” to get out of bed) you can see my bump literally just lays on my lap haha! I have also gotten stretch marks…BOO!!!!! You can’t see them in the pics because they are on the front of my belly, and rather light. They are definitely there though! Oh well, shit, I have earned my mama stripes and will embrace them! I will also continue to douse myself in Bio Oil haha!

I had my 34 week appt. and the DR congratulated me on getting to this point. This is a major milestone. From this point on if I go into labor they will not stop it. So I could literally have these babies any day. CRAZY!!! Mine and the babies bags have been packed for some time. My hubby will install the car seats this weekend and we will officially be ready!!! Back to the appt., both babies looked great! They passed their BPP with flying colors once again. Baby girl showed us her foot, and it is pretty big! LOL! Also, the u/s tech was laughing because she has soooo much hair! It was literally sticking straight up! Baby boy has hair also but not as much as her. He was pretty hard to see, well, they both were actually. The tech told us they would get harder to see the farther along we got. I have not gained any weight. Crazy because the past 2 months I have really only gained I think 2 pounds. I gained a few, lost a few, and have had weeks where I just stay the same.

Symptoms are the same really. Carpal tunnel is still pretty much gone. Yay!!! Joints are not as achy as before. Double yay!!!  It does hurt getting out of bed, but only because of all of the weight and pressure in my belly. It is pretty painful rolling over and getting out of bed. I have to sit up for at least a minute and let everything settle down in my uterus. Sleep is OK. Still pee a lot. My hemorrhoid seems to have disappeared as well. Triple yay!! I have been soaking like crazy in Epsom salts, I really think that is what helped the most. Still having heartburn but Zantac 75 knocks it out in about 15 minutes, that stuff is awesome. I have been extremely hungry lately, I am assuming the babes are going through a growth spurt. I am eating like crazy but not gaining, so they must be taking it in right?? No cravings at all, just food, lots of it. I do have a TON of pressure down low. They have dropped and man do I feel it!! Their kicks and movements are really strong now. Sometimes one of them will move and my whole body literally shakes from side to side. It is so funny!!!

Well, that is pretty much it. We have our next appt. at 35 weeks, next week. I will post then! xo




19 thoughts on “34 weeks

  1. Oh my god! Hip hip hooray for hemorrhoids disappearing!!!! I need to soak in some epsom salts ASAP. You look fantastic!!! =)

  2. You’re getting so close lady! I’m so excited for you!! I can’t wait to see pics of Harper and Tucker! By the way, I love the names and I’m glad you and your hubby were able to come to agreement on Tucker’s middle name! 🙂

    • Thanks love!!!! Xoxo I’m getting sooooo excited!!! I am definitely relieved the name situation is settled! Holy moly, what a stressful situation!!!

      • I’m sure! I know how I was as I got closer to my due date. It’s hard not to be excited!

        Yeah I saw the string of fb comments about the name. I’m sure that was frustrating to deal with! I’m just glad you both decided to go with what you like. Family names are nice if they work out and you’re both in agreement. Mackenzie’s middle name is Ruth which is my grandma’s middle name. My grandma had 3 boys but always wanted a daughter. People always told me as the first granddaughter I was the daughter she never had especially since she practically raised me. A woman like that deserves to have her name carried on in some way and my husband never opposed it, luckily!

      • It was beyond frustrating!! If it works, that’s great but in our case it just wasn’t working. Thank God we finally came to an agreement!

  3. OMG Jess!!! Youre belly is humongous!! How far along do you hope to make? Its good that youre not just gaining weight non stop though, it would be too hard to carry. You’re looking amazing!! XOXOXOX

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