33 weeks

Today I am 33 weeks, 3 days! It is crazy, I am so close to meeting my little lovies. Once I get to 34 weeks (this upcoming Tuesday) if I go into labor my DR will not take any measures to stop things. So literally any day these babies could come!! Bags are packed and ready to go!

Here is my latest bump pic…this thing is getting big! I am so proud though. I am growing 2 humans, it is hard, and this big bump is the vessel that is carrying these babies to good health!

33 weeks

I have managed to avoid stretch marks which is amazing because my stomach was pretty flat pre-pregnancy and is now HUGE. I still have about 3 1/2 weeks though and from what I have seen most ladies get them after 34 weeks. If I get them I get them. I will not stress over it. I will embrace the mommy stripes! 🙂

So, some weird things have taken place this week. My carpal tunnel is almost completely gone. It’s really weird. I don’t need my brace anymore and almost all tingling is gone in my fingers. I still have some mild swelling but the pain is gone. No complaints here! Also getting out of bed is still hard but now it’s just because of how large my stomach is. My hip pain is almost gone, as well as the knee and ankle pain. I still have a slight sciatica pain I notice at night when I get up to use the restroom but it’s very minimal. So crazy because as of last week I was miserable any time I needed to get out of bed, I mean almost in tears! I am  thinking maybe it’s because both babies have dropped significantly and are both head down. It must have something to do with it. In place of that pain though I got freaking hemorrhoids! Never in my life have I had them and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone. It SUCKS!!!! They just popped up about 3 days ago, and ouch. I have tried Tucks pads, tea tree oil, coconut oil…no relief. I plan to try Prep H tonight, sending hubby on another drug store run. What is confusing to me is how this even happened. I have had literally zero constipation throughout this pregnancy. I am extremely regular and never need to strain. In fact the past week and a half I have been having very loose stools, up to 4 times a day. I do feel an extreme amount of pressure now that the babies are head down and have dropped so that must be the cause. I thought hemorrhoids came from straining though. I plan to discuss this with my DR because I truly am shocked. Back to the pressure, it is unreal. When I walk I literally feel like my vagina is going to split open. They are so low right now and I feel every bit of it. Not to mention I don’t get light kicks anymore, they are full on stretching, punching, kicking. It rocks my whole body! Other things going on are just still constant peeing, even more so now because of how they are situated. I am also ALWAYS hungry. I just can’t eat enough this past week. It is ridiculous! My hubby has made 2 grocery trips this week haha! Poor guy! He is so good though because he checks to make sure I have my favorite things and as soon as I get low he goes to the store. God I love that man. Heartburn is still present. It’s not bad but annoying. I take Zantac 75 though and within 30 minutes it’s gone. My sleep is much better lately, I am guessing bc my hip pain stopped. The pain was so bad before it would wake me up. So yay for that! I still get BH but very randomly. They are super strong when I get them but so sporadic, which is good, especially after last weekends scare!

So yea, that’s about it on news to report. Oh yea, and we decided to go with Nathaniel as a middle name for our boy. If you read my last post I was super annoyed that we may have to use a J name to please a family member. Hubby and I talked and agreed that we will use a name that WE LOVE. So it’s settled. Harper Olivia is our girl and Tucker Nathaniel is our boy! 🙂



13 thoughts on “33 weeks

  1. Amazing belly! Not everyone gets stretch marks. I don’t have one and made it to 39 weeks!
    I’m happy some of your aches and pains are gone that’s Sooo nice!
    I got hemeroids. Pressure from the babies will do it. I got them once I was on bed rest. Sitting all day on my bum and pressure of baby combo caused it. Its likely pressure of babies. Defo use Prep H or ask your doctor for a prescription brand that has a steroid because they work the best.

    • Thanks love! And yea, I will definitely be asking my DR if he can give me an Rx for these…nothing else is working. Such a pain in the ass, pun intended lol!

  2. Love the names. And WOW! That belly! That is what I have to look forward to in about 25 weeks when I’m that pregnant with twins. You should be proud! Stretch marks are supposedly genetic. Depends on how strong your skin is; judging by the size of that bump, your skin is holding up pretty damn well. Way to go, momma!

    • Thanks love! Xo You may not get as big as me, for your sake I hope not lol! It is so interesting to see different women and how they carry with twins. Some stay super tiny, some just look prego with a singleton, and theres women like me that get HUGE bellies! I’m hoping its this big bc the babes are nice & chunky. 🙂

  3. LOVE the names! Harper is one of my favorite girl names but one of my best girlfriends just claimed it for her daughter. She had her baby first so she wins! I’m glad you got it all straightened out. This naming BS is stressful! ugh, the dreaded ‘roids…I just know they’re coming. Please let me know if you find something that works.

    • Thank you! Yes, the naming BS is def stressful! Sooooo glad it’s over! I will def let you know if I find some relief. Just pray you don’t get them. They really are awful. 😦

  4. Love the names! Glad you got the names you wanted!! I heard that stretch marks can happen after you give birth…I hope not!!!

    • Thank you!! Xo
      Oh gosh, I hope I don’t get all the way through with the pregnancy and then get stretch marks, that would suck! I am definitely doing everything I can to avoid them. My belly is OILY! Haha!

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