32 Weeks

I am 32 weeks, 3 days today!! Can’t believe the time is almost here!!!! 31 days to go!!! I am soooo excited!!!

I had my 32 week appt. on Monday and all went great! I saw my beautiful little babies but unfortunately didn’t get a picture because the printer was broken. My sweet little girl was opening and closing her eyes and mouth. They both have fattened up so much! Baby girls estimated weight is 4 lbs 3 oz and she is still transverse. Baby boy is estimated to weigh 4 lbs 10 oz (almost 5 lbs!!!) and he is head down. The DR was shocked at how big they are because they are truly growing at the same rate as a singleton. He said twins are usually in the 20-30th percentile, mine are over 50 percent! So hopefully I have some chunky babies. Also, the tech saw hair on both of their heads! I was hoping they would have hair, and they do. So cute!

My DR wanted me to go ahead and schedule my next 4 appointments, yes, that’s right, I only have 4 more appointments!!! 4 weeks, and then baby time! At my appointments I will have an ultrasound each time which will consist of a Biophysical profile of each baby. This measures their breathing, cord flow, heart rate, etc. They should each get a score of 8, if they don’t I will need to get an NST. I believe I will also start to get my cervix checked.

My next goal to reach is 34 weeks. Once I hit 34 weeks the babies are in the clear to stay at the hospital NICU I deliver at, if they need NICU. If I deliver before 34 weeks the babies would have to be transferred to a different hospital with a level 3 NICU, mine is level 2. My DR just delivered twins last week at 33 weeks, 5 days, and regardless of the fact they were healthy and breathing on their own they still had to be transferred due to the hospitals protocol. I do NOT want the babies going anywhere without me so I am definitely hoping they stay put for at least the next week and a half, hopefully they make it to week 37 though! At 34 weeks if I go into labor on my own my DR will not stop it. My hubby doesn’t want me to doing anything other than moving from bed to couch though so I don’t go into pre-term labor. Luckily I don’t need to do anything. He does all the grocery shopping and errands, as well as helps with the house. My daughter also just swept and steam cleaned my floors. I gotta just throw out there how awesome my hubby is. He works 75-80 hrs a week yet still makes sure the kids and I are taken of. He will work a 12 hr day, go get groceries, and get dinner if need be…and doesn’t complain about it. I am truly lucky.

As for how I feel, well I would compare it to being hit by a MAC truck. My body has really started hurting this week. It’s bad. My hips, knees, and legs/feet in general are just aching so bad. My sciatica is awful too, especially at night. It is absolutely excruciating. I may need to start sleeping in the living room on my reclining couch because it’s just easier to get on and off of. My jaw has also started hurting really bad making it difficult to eat. Not sure if that’s related to the cold weather or the pregnancy, but it sucks. Carpal tunnel still sucks pretty bad. My swelling has gotten worse and I am actually having swelling in my legs/ankles/feet. I just started wearing my compression socks again, which do help. I have been having some pretty bad headaches lately that will not go away. The DR gave me Fiorcet, which does nothing. My stomach literally feels like it is going to rip open because it is getting so big. I have been having a lot of pressure, and very intense contractions as well. Still no stretch marks though!!!! I did manage to lose 2 lbs though which was a shocker. My weight gain has definitely slowed. last month I only gained about 3 lbs I think, and I just lost back 2 so I may be at a plateau. I have also had some pretty bad heartburn and indigestion pop up. Needless to say, things are getting ROUGH!!!! It’s OK though, because my babies are growing and are healthy and that is seriously all that matters.

The nursery is finally done!!!


That is a huge relief! It’s a small room but we managed to make it work!

The only the other thing we need to do is finalize our baby boy’s name. This is a HUGE annoyance to me right now. We decided on a name a few months back but now my husband is being made to feel guilty about not incorporating a “J” into the name for his grandmother, so he is changing the middle name. My husband is Jewish and apparently part of the religion is you add the first initial of a family member who has passed to your child’s name to honor them. Well, we decided for one we weren’t bringing any religious aspects into this as to avoid any fights. I am Christian so obviously there are some major differences. We also decided not to do family names, because then on my side it’s expected to be done, and I just want to pick names we love, not names out of obligation. Not to mention we already had a name, that we both LOVED. The middle name we love is Nathaniel, well he used to call his grandmother “Nan”, so he mentions using the N for “Nan” and honor her that way, which sounds great to me. He was told that won’t work, we have to honor her actual name. Seriously?! WTF! So now because he is being pressured and made to feel guilty, he wants to change the name to a J name (his grandma’s name is June), which we literally cannot agree on anything so will probably end up just using  J. I am livid. Beyond livid actually. Sure, it’s a middle name, who cares? Well, I do! My body has gone through the ringers the past 5-6 yrs, surgeries, procedures, miscarriages, medications, poking and prodding, this painful pregnancy, etc. you get the point. I shouldn’t have to settle on a damn name to please someone else that has had absolutely nothing to do with any of this! I know it will cause resentment and drive a wedge in certain relationships, it’s already causing tension between my husband and I. Why do people feel a need to chime in, and make people feel pressured? After all we went throught to have these babies we should get to name them whatever the fuck we want. OK, rant over.

Anyways, here is my bump!!! I have definitely dropped a bit!

32 weeks



15 thoughts on “32 Weeks

  1. I love that you displayed your maternity pics in the nursery. It looks great! Hey, what’s wrong with a J name? :). Just kidding…I totally feel your pain. We went round and round about our boy name because my husband wanted to name him after his father and I’m not a fan of that tradition. At all. Hopefully you can work through it. You’re right…we do ALL of the work. We should have the final say!

    • Thank you! I was actually debating on taking those pics down because I wasn’t sure I loved it. Theyre growing on me though! 🙂

      Lol, I have a J name myself (Jessica) and so does my first son (Jacob), so you’d think I’d be all about it! Nope! 😀 I just have my heart set on Nathaniel for middle name . No J boy names sound good with our first name we chose and aDding it to our girls name is definitely not an option! I’m glad someone agrees, we do the work, we get priority over the name! Lol. I for one can’t imagine ever pressuring or guilting my children into picking certain names to please me…seems selfish.

  2. You look great and seem to have a positive attitude regardless of how you’re feeling. I’m 22 weeks now with twins and starting to feel the aches and pains in my back…wonder if there is any way to avoid it getting worse? Ugh, the family name thing….I don’t envy you at all. I hope whatever you decide on you are both at peace with…these are YOUR babies, not the entire family! Good luck to you and keep those babies in there until at least 34 weeks!

    • Thank you! Xo

      I recommend you get a prenatal cradle. It’s an awesome support belt. I got mine on Amazon and it’s seriously amazing! Part of my problem is that I’m bigger than I’ve ever been in my life so my body is just having a really hard time adjusting. With the belt, controlled weight gain, and light exercise (if you’re able) you should be able to keep some of the pain down. Unfortunately though, there will be pain. Growing 2 humans is rough! Good luck! 😊

  3. Nursery looks amazing!
    I hope those babies make it to 37 weeks too! Any signs they might not or it’s because you’re having twins?
    Defo take it easy. I was on rest 10 week. It was hard but worth making it to term. My husband was also amazing doing everything on top of working long days. Great support is priceless! Hang in there babies!!
    Hope you sort the name issue out. It’s not easy when you have different ideas.

    • Thanks love!! I agree, great support is the best. I feel so lucky. I don’t know what I would do without him!! We decided to go with Nathaniel…I am so happy! Name picking is sooooo stressful, especially with outside forces jumping in! I hope you’re doing well and enjoying your time with your precious baby boy! Xo

      • Great name choice! I actually love it. My husbands name is Nathan so, pretty close 🙂 that’s for a first name?
        It’s a lot of times best to not tell anyone what names you’re deciding on.
        Yes having a great life with Owen! It’s exhausting and some days it really tests me but I’m grateful he is here!

      • Nathaniel will actually be the middle name. That was what the big debate was over, silly I know, but important to me. My husband and I decided to go with what we love and leave out tradition/religion/others opinions. Much easier that way! 😊

      • Yes that’s right I remember that rant now. I’m glad you guys agreed to some thing.
        Are you ready for twins?!?! Will you have an extra pair of hands helping?

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