28 Weeks

28weeks 6days

Today is my last day in my 28th week! Woo hoo! The pic above was this morning, very puffy eyed, I had literally just rolled out of bed! Bump looks the same as the last couple weeks to me but definitely feels heavier!

Had my 28 week appt. last week and it went great! We got another growth u/s and they were both very active, opening and closing their mouths, waving, kicking, it was so cute! My baby girl weighed 2lb 10 oz. and is still transverse, and my baby boy weighed 2lb 8oz. and is now in the breech position.Β The DR said they’re both in the 50th percentile, and each one is growing like a singleton (twins are usually smaller, 20-30th percentile he said). He was very impressed and thinks they will be great weights at birth! My cervix is nice and long between 4.7 and 5 cm, perfect! The best part about the appt., other than seeing my babies of course, is we got our c-section date!!!!! They will be here NEXT MONTH!!!! March 31st at 7:00 a.m. I will have my c-section!!!! I am soooo excited!!! It seems so real now and so close! I have two more 2 week appts. and then I move to every week (at my 32 week appt.) at which point I will also get weekly ultrasounds to monitor growth and amniotic fluid levels. I am just so excited and hope the time flies by! Here is their pic. πŸ™‚

28 weeks


So what’s been going on? Well I got my free Medela breast pump from my insurance…so awesome! I literally got it within 5 days of me calling them! So glad I didn’t have to pay for it! Also the nursery is basically done. All that’s left is I need to spray paint some picture frames I bought and hang artwork I found. That is literally it! We are so ready!

I had been debating on trading in my SUV for a van but have decided not to. I bought my SUV when it first came out because I was IN-LOVE with the body style, and well everything about it, it’s a 2014 Acura MDX. I got it December 2013, way before I knew I would have twins. It does seat 7 and have 3rd row seat but once I got pregnant with the twins I just felt like it would be a pain in the ass for my 2 big kids to crawl in the 3rd row. I went and test drove the Honda Odyssey Touring Elite. It is so bad ass. It has a vacuum cleaner in it! I fell in-love with it, well, the idea of it. It was still a van and anyone that truly knows me knows I am so not a van person. I went back and forth and have ultimately decided to just make my SUV work. My daughter is almost 17 and will be getting her own car soon, my son can sit in between the twins. Worse case scenario if it’s a pain, I will suck it up and get the van.

How am I feeling? Well sleep SUCKS. I am extremely sore, uncomfortable, pee at least 6 times a night, my husband has started snoring, and my baby boy is most active at night. Oh, and my carpal tunnel is horrible! Sleeping is definitely the worst. My hips, knees, and feet are just almost constantly in pain. My baby girl is pretty high up on my left side so my ribs constantly ache as well. I have been taking warm lavender epsom salt baths which help temporarily. I also followed a friends advice and put some rice and lavender oil in an old tube sock, I warm it in the microwave for about 3 minutes and put it on my back, shoulders, wherever the pain is. It helps tremendously! Still out of breath VERY easily, and have become a very heavy breather. It is exhausting. Other than that it’s really just the same ol’ stuff. Nothing new. Still a lot of movement. I am able to eat more now that baby boy is breech and not transverse anymore. But everything else is the same.

A while back I was told by my DR not to do the grocery shopping anymore so my hubby has been taking a list and on his days off getting the groceries (he is the best). Well yesterday we were out and about and decided to just run by the store. I totally got one of those power carts and rode it around with him while he shopped. Haha! No shame in my game!


That’s it for now! Next appt. is next Monday, just before 30 weeks, just to check heartbeats, BP, urine, you know all the boring stuff. πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “28 Weeks

  1. Looking great! Preggo sleep is horrible. I slept on the couch for months. Only place I didn’t ache all night. You’re almost there!!! Yay for date!

    • Thanks love! Xo

      Yea, last night I tried sleeping in my chair and just couldn’t do it. Gonna be a long next 8 weeks! Definitely worth it though! πŸ™‚

  2. So happy for you! I have the same dilemma I love my SUV but I wonder how difficult it’s going to be if we get lucky enough to have twins but at the same time my oldest is 16 and will be getting a car soon so it wont be to long of struggling with the SUV but I just couldn’t get a van although I love the idea of a vacuum !

    • Thank you!! Xo

      Yea, I just can’t do the van either! It’s extremely practical and will make life a ton easier but yikes…I’ll lose all my cool mom points! Hahaha!!!!! Who knows though, I may end up needing one. Hopefully not though! πŸ™‚

      • I’m with you on that one I just got my pathfinder paid off and I love that thing it will probably be long dead by the time I actually give it up lol! Thats like my batmobile! I think our plan is that even if we end up with twins to keep the pathfinder but we still have a lot of what if’s for our journey πŸ™‚

  3. I love following your story!!! I’m 18 weeks pregnant with twins and hope to look as good as you do when I am 28 weeks!! You have such a great attitude too, its refreshing!

  4. Oh my gosh, you give me hope that I may not be as big as a barn in 28 weeks with our twins bc I sure do feel like it! I am going to try the rice and lavender oil for aches! I’ve been taking a bath every night just to soak and feel better! March 31 st is SO close! SOmexciting!!!!

    • Judging by the last bump pic you posted you look great, and will continue to look great! You’re all baby! My lower half is huge, and now my face is getting fat. I officially have a double chin! Oh well, I am determined to lose it all after the babies. Lol. πŸ™‚
      Definitely try the rice & lavender oil…it’s awesome! Amazingly the rice stays warm for a very long time!

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