Weeks 26 & 27

As of today I am 27 weeks and 4 days. I skipped week 26 so I will just combine the two.

Week 26 I had my DR appt., and I got to drink my lovely glucose drink. It actually wasn’t that bad, and I passed with flying colors. I also had some blood work done to see if I was anemic, and I am not. Yay. Babies and I are in perfect health! Just for fun my DR measured my fundal height and I was measuring at 33 weeks! Wow! My belly is big!!! I also got my Tdap shot at my appt., OUCH. My bruise is just now going away, almost 2 weeks later! It hurt getting it and hurt after for about a week. Glad it’s over with.

We did our Labor & Delivery tour during week 26 as well. I loved it. I love our hospital, and all of the staff. I got to see the area where I will be taken for my c-section, the area I will go for a couple hours post delivery, and also the room I will stay in for my 3 day hospital stay. All are very nice. The nurse explained the whole process to me and was very comforting when I told her I am terrified of the c-section. She said each baby will have their own nurse. There is no nursery so both babies will stay in the room with me, which I love. She also said that God forbid the babies have to stay in NICU I get my own suite for their entire stay. That is really awesome. Obviously I do not want them in the NICU but it is very reassuring to know that if they are there I can be with them. I see a lot of women being discharged after 3 days and having to leave their babies. That would be so hard.

Here is my 26 week TWIN bump! It is HUGE but I am super proud of this bump!!!! Looks like I may be getting an outie in the very near future!!!



Here it is at 27 weeks, not much difference other than it looks higher to me.


As far as symptoms, I will just combine both weeks because they’re both the same. I burp A LOT! It is uncontrollable sometimes, it just comes out whenever and wherever. I even burp in my sleep! My carpal tunnel is really bad and painful so I try to wear my brace as much as possible, especially when I sleep. My hips and joints hurt often, especially when I get up from laying down or sitting for a while. I still pee non-stop! I drink a gallon of water a day and have two over 2 lb babies jumping on my bladder so I am sure you can imagine! I am really tired lately and have been even napping during the day. Insomnia at night is still very much there. It sucks. My mood is pretty good though. I am getting more and more excited. We finished all of shopping last weekend and are officially ready for these babies!! I am so damn excited!!!! They will be here no later than March 31st!!!!

Next appt. is at 28 weeks, next Wednesday. We will get to see the babies and get another growth scan at that time. I cannot wait! πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Weeks 26 & 27

  1. Youre looking great. Wow! They will be here before you know it.
    My birthday is March 28th. Maybe they will share my birthday πŸ™‚

  2. Your 26 week bump looks exactly like mine! I feel like I’m carrying one of these babies really low. My poor bladder. Glad the GD test wasn’t terrible. I’m dreading it!!

    You look fabulous!

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