25 weeks

25 weeks! Well, 25 weeks, 1 day technically. I only have about 10-12 weeks to go!! I hope it goes fast. I am getting so anxious. Everything is ready for the babes arrival, I even packed their diaper bag today. 🙂 I am just so excited!! We do our Labor & Delivery tour next Friday!

Nothing much has changed since my last post, just bigger and more uncomfortable. Here is a funny pic I took in bed last night…


Haha! I will post a side bump pic sometime this week. I am actually not referring to it as a “bump” anymore, it is now called a “mountain”.

How do I feel? HUNGRY!!!! I am so f’in hungry alllllll the time!!!!! I don’t know if it’s because I am home all day or what but damn, I just can’t get enough. I am eating smaller meals but all the time. My newest craving is croissants. So bad, but so good. I have had 2 today already! Other than constant eat mode, I am just growing more and more each day. My stomach is super tight, uncomfortable, and at times feels like it may split in half. I have been getting a lot of pressure down low so I am thinking baby boy may have changed positions. I feel them kicking all the time, stronger and stronger each day. I just love it so much. My hubby loves it also. My kiddos think it’s weird and don’t particularly want to feel the movements, in fact my son straight up said, “It’s weird, I do not want to feel it.” LOL.

No other news really to report. I feel as though the only change in my symptoms will just be that I get bigger and bigger, and hungrier and hungrier. I still pee constantly, at least once an hour, no lie. Some nights I sleep good, others I don’t. I’m still using my brace for the carpal tunnel. Hips and legs still hurt. Boobs are HUGE. My areolas are like mini freaking pancakes, and have turned brown! My hubby thinks it’s hilarious, I think it’s gross. I already told him I am getting another boob job as soon as the babes are off the tit. Still no stretch marks on the belly (thank God). My belly button is definitely looking like it’s going to pop out very soon, not looking forward to that. Outies freak me out! I get out of breath just from talking, I can only imagine that will get worse. I can’t be on my feet too long bc my whole body starts to ache so bad. Putting on pants, socks, shoes, has all become rather difficult. Trying to shave is quite comical and bc I can’t see my lady part, I just shave all that shit off, and I do it blindly LOL. I have cut myself twice but I’m getting better haha. I only shave my legs every two weeks, right before my pedicures. If it wasn’t for the fact I don’t want my nail tech rubbing hairy legs I probably wouldn’t shave them at all!

OK, my bed is calling my name. I will update again in a week! xoxo


2 thoughts on “25 weeks

  1. Ugh, the nipple situation is stressing me out. I used to have the cutest little nips and now, we’re looking at sandwich pepperonis. I’m repulsed by myself. I love that picture! I swear I get bigger by the minute!

    • Haha! My husband refers to them as pepperonis also. So gross!!

      I feel I get bigger by the minute also! I’m guessing that’s a good thing though…babes are growing! 🙂

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