22 weeks!

I am now in my 22nd week. At times it feels as though time is moving so slow, and at other times I just can’t believe that in 15 weeks I will meet my little babes. I am so excited. I dream about them. I go in their nursery and fantasize about them. Ahhhh, I cannot wait!!!!!!

The bump continues to grow! Here is a shot from this morning…


I am feeling them move like crazy. I am finally able to feel baby girl really moving, which is very reassuring. I had a DR appt. yesterday and all went well. I did have to get an FFN or something like that. I told my DR I have been having a lot of contractions (some painful), and although she said this is very normal, she still wanted to do a swab on me to see if I was at risk for labor within the next 2 weeks. I am still waiting on the results but when they measured my cervix it was at 5cm, which is really good! She said I should be fine. Blood pressure was great, urine was free of protein, babies heartbeats were good. Didn’t get growth u/s but did get a peek at baby boy’s hand and head while they measured my cervix. 🙂 I will get another growth u/s at next appt. in 2 weeks, New Years Eve. I had a 3d/4d ultrasound scheduled for the day before but decided not to go through with it. After researching on my own, and speaking with my DR I have come to the conclusion that there is just not enough information supporting these types of u/s as non-harmful. In fact one article says these types of u/s can cause heating of tissue which can create gas pockets and long-term effects. Yea, no thank you. I will wait until they’re born to see their sweet faces. I know tons of people get them and their babes are fine but I will not be selfish and risk any harm to them just so I can see a 3d image. Everything else at appt. went great. Babes and me are right on track.

As for symptoms, everything is the same as last week. I am getting more and more uncomfortable. It gets hard to breathe. Appetite is off the chain. I pee allllll the time. Boobs are HUGE! I have to wear a pad bc it’s like a constant running fountain down below (I know, TMI, but twin discharge is unreal). Movements excite me and are getting stronger. I get lightheaded often. Still have tingly/numb arms which my DR says is carpal tunnel. Apparently pregnant women are more apt to get this but as long as I get good return when I change my arm position, all is good.

I did make a couple more purchases. I FINALLY decided on a diaper bag, the Ju Ju Be “Be Prepared”. I was fighting with myself over style or practicality and the latter won. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag, especially for twins!!! So roomy, tons of compartments, and it’s cross shoulder so I can be hands free. Also it isn’t too feminine so hubby can rock it too if need be.


Also I bought a couple of the Lionheart Slumber Bears. They are supposed to be awesome and replicate womb sounds to help baby sleep. I also heard they can help prevent SIDS so I was immediately sold.


Nothing else much to report. Overall I feel great other than just petty normal pregnancy complaints. I am enjoying every minute of this pregnancy and do not want to rush anything. I want my little peanuts to cook for as long as possible!


6 thoughts on “22 weeks!

  1. I love your tshirt!
    Younsound SO positive which isngreat! Ive been whiny and uncomfortable lol
    I didnthe ffn too…but was positive. 9 weeks later still pregnant lol
    5cm is wonderful. Eapecially for twins!
    Contractions do you mean BH??

  2. Thanks! I totally forgot about the damn thing, haven’t snapped a pic in it since I was 7 weeks!

    I am trying to stay positive bc I am so thankful to even be pregnant but trust me, I am a whiny ass! Haha!

    I guess they are BH. They hurt sometimes. They aren’t regular. DR says our uterus contracts even when not pregnant we just feel it more bc it’s expanded. She said totally normal. I am just super paranoid. I pray I get to 37 weeks.

    Can’t believe you’re almost due!!!!! Time has flown!!! So glad you made it!!!!

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