21 Weeks

Today is my last day in my 21st week. This week has been a little rough. I am definitely starting to get more and more uncomfortable. Very short of breath. My legs/hips/feet hurt A LOT. I have been having quite a bit of Braxton Hicks. My arms are losing feeling at night, and get really tingly…so weird. I have been having a lot of dizziness and some crazy heart palpitations. I have also been seeing silver spots a lot. I see my DR Wednesday and plan to discuss all of these things with her. I am hoping there is nothing going on other than just normal body changes while growing 2 humans.

My belly is still growing rapidly, and I am feeling the babies move so much, especially the boy. I LOVE it! Here is my 21 week bump pic…
21 weeks

I finally bought a glider and ottoman. I am in-love with it. It was more than I wanted to spend, but soooooo worth it! I have it in my room right now because I get so uncomfortable at night, so I switch from bed to chair. I plan to keep it in my room for the first few months after the twins are born since they will be in our room anyways. I HIGHLY recommend all women get a glider…a GOOD one! You will be happy!! Here is my new obsession…

I am steadily gaining weight, oh well. I don’t care LOL. I did take my rings off which I am bummed about. They still fit but when I wake in the morning and sometimes at night they just feel too snug for my liking so I decided to lock them away in the safe until they are comfy again. I feel weird being out and about though prego with no wedding rings LOL. I don’t know why but I do!

I continue to shop for these little peanuts. I LOVE buying baby clothes and items. It is so fun. I just got this adorable bloomer and headband set from Crew & Lu for baby girl. I am obsessed with it!!!

I cannot wait to dress these little babes up!

Well that’s all for now. I will update after my DR appt. on Wednesday. Until then, much love! xo


4 thoughts on “21 Weeks

  1. Your bump holy!!! :))))
    And I had all same symptoms. I had heart palpitations, doctor said because of increase in blood.
    My arms went numb too! Weird.
    BH, all of it! I had a period of time where I felt dizzy too when I would stand in one place for a while.

  2. Yea my bump is off the chain! LOL!
    So weird about the numb arms, glad I am not the only one though! Cannot believe how close you are to meeting your baby boy!!!! I can’t wait to get to that point! 😉

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