20 Weeks

I am 20 weeks and feeling great! We had our 20 week anatomy scan a couple days ago and the twins look awesome! Baby girl is weighing in at 10 ounces, and baby boy at 12. He is now bigger than her, and gained 8 ounces in the past 4 weeks! They are both looking so big though on the ultrasound!

20 week babes

The DR has moved me to bi-weekly appts. so now I get to see my peanuts every 2 weeks! We will more than likely get our c-section date in February, and it will probably be the last week of March. Time is flying by!

We already have most everything we need for the babies. We really only have left some minor essentials, a breast pump, the baby monitor, and some nursery decorations. Between what we got as gifts and what I have been ordering, we are way ahead of the game! I am torn on the diaper bag though. I am between the Petunia Pickle Bottom Abundance backpack and the Ju Ju Be, Be Prepared diaper bag. Both are recommended for twins. I like the backpack better, but I am not into those prints…totally not my style! So I will probably end up going with the black Ju Ju Be. I just got their swings this week and they are so awesome! We decided to go with the 4moms Mamaroo. I wasn’t sold at first, as I like the old fashioned swings, but my hubby really loved these so I agreed. I have to admit, they are pretty awesome!


I also ordered their first pair of moccs and they are so cute!!!! I have been ordering headwraps/headbands like crazy too! My favorite purchase is their Miracle Babies shirts. Here are a few pics…



FullSizeRender (4)


As far as how I am feeling…pretty good actually. I still pee a million times a day and all through the night. My belly is getting HUGE (I will post a pic this week). I am hungry all the time! I have been sleeping during the day lately which is rare for me. My nausea has come back slightly, but nothing compared to first trimester! I have been feeling a ton of movement and I LOVE it!!! Last night my hubby was even able to feel the girl moving! It was awesome! So yea, not much new to report, other than just growing very quickly!!! 🙂



5 thoughts on “20 Weeks

  1. I’m so glad everything is going great! I LOVE the mama Roo! My husband doesn’t like how much they cost but with that thing we wouldn’t have to buy a separate swing! He is coming around. ( I hope). :). I’ve been looking at diaper bags and have fallen in love with the Timi and Leslie Charlie bag… It’s huge and stylish. I can’t wait to see your bump!

  2. Congrats on you pregnancy! I loved reading your blogs and great pics….I have 2 little girls myself (not twins) and I wanted to introduce myself. I started “mommy blogging” a few months ago…My favorite routine to relax and get my energy back are yogurt facials, walking/running or some yoga in the morning, and my absolute favorite “preggy” bars which were a huge part of my healthy pregnancy diet plan that I get at sprouts or online. Post pregnancy they are still my favorites as well, lots of Kumbucha, and chia…I also just started Instagraming too. Ok look forward to more blogs.
    Take care and Merry Christmas.
    Thanks Jenny….

  3. Just checked out that bag, I LOVE it!!!!! I think I’ll go with that and just add an extra bottle holder! It’s exactly what I want, big & stylish! So glad you mentioned it!!! 🙂

  4. Love the shirts! And all the cute baby stuff! So hard to not want to buy stuff lol I have a lot of baby clothes now. I’m making some baby things myself & refraining from cute baby shopping.

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