Underwater Maternity with the TWINS

Ok, so I got back the majority of my pics from my underwater photo shoot…they are amazing! I am so very glad I decided to go with Adam Opris. He is brilliant! Here are the pics. Still waiting on just a couple more. I was 16 weeks with the twins in these.

11403_10205287961668786_1808062872899340300_n 1507033_10205287961028770_261689908775597814_n 10355380_10205287960588759_229418738929558972_n 10420281_10205287961268776_6352513696953770908_n 10427312_10205287960788764_3652661575116721285_n 10603649_10205287961428780_1476534098527437945_n 10610924_10205287960268751_7317122860101198800_n 10613055_10205287961828790_6197308496738743054_n


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