18 weeks


Well I am in my eighteenth week and overall feeling pretty good. I’m getting huge (as you can see above) and it gets uncomfortable but nothing I can’t handle. I actually love that my belly is getting big! Let’s me know my little twinkies are growing.

Symptoms are pretty much the same. I pee a lot, especially throughout the night. My appetite is huge now that the nausea is gone. I get super uncomfortable if I eat too much. I’m up 20 pounds already and honestly don’t give a shit! Haha! Normal twin pregnancy you should expect to gain 60…yikes! It is what it is. One new thing is that my skin has been really dry and my legs/hips have been hurting a lot. An old running injury has flared back up making it pretty painful to walk. Plan on talking to my DR about that. I don’t have any constipation which is super weird bc I had it really bad with my other 2 pregnancies. Maybe I’m eating better? Drinking more water? I’m not complaining though!

The babies movements are getting stronger! Best parts of my day is feeling them move. It is amazing! I just can’t wait for the full on rolls and kicks!

Something funny…my stomach is so big I can no longer shave my bikini area. Thank God for my hubby, he gets down on the floor of the shower and trims me up lol. I still have about 18.5 weeks to go. He will probably be shaving my whole body towards the end!

Nursery is getting packed with stuff! It needs to be organized big time. We have so much stuff already! Coming up with a theme for boy/girl is proving to be tough. I hate typical nurseries with typical bedding. I’m trying to just throw some stuff together and keep it pretty eclectic, which is definitely our style. Hopefully I can pull off something pretty dope!

Next appt is less than 2 weeks away! I cannot wait! That’s all for now! Xo


6 thoughts on “18 weeks

    • Thank you! I can relate, I’ve been rubbing my belly since the transfer lol! It’s definitely getting harder to do certain things the bigger I get but wow, what an amazing thing, carrying TWO babies! 🙂

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