17 weeks

Well I am officially 17 weeks! My bump is getting BIG and I LOVE it!!! I am embracing every pound I gain. I am pregnant, with TWO babies, and I refuse to get caught up on a number on the scale. My DR says I am gaining just fine and I shouldn’t worry about a thing…so I’m not (anymore)! 🙂

I just got back from my trip home to Florida and it was so amazing! I got to see all of my friends and my parents, and eat all of my favorite foods. I had my baby shower, about 30 people came, and we got some of the most wonderful gifts!!!! Also a very good friend of mine brought over 3 HUGE boxes full of clothes in PERFECT condition from her boy and girl, size newborn to 12 months. Between that and the clothes we got from the shower we are set on clothes for a while! My parents are shipping all of my gifts home for me and the total weight came to 142 pounds!!!! CRAZY!!! But that gives you an idea of how much stuff we got! Not to mention gift cards and cash totaling $500 and when I got home there were 4 big boxes from Babies R’ Us and Target full of gifts that people had direct shipped to our house. We are so VERY thankful and appreciative! We really weren’t expecting that much but wow are we grateful!!! While I was in Florida my husband and son assembled both cribs. The nursery is actually starting to look like a nursery. It is so exciting!

As for how I am feeling, well, no complaints. My nausea is completely gone. I have a great appetite. Not really any food aversions anymore. I never really crave anything, other than food in general. I do get tired easily, short of breath, and my hips have been hurting a bit, but nothing major. So far everything is going great. I feel both babies move, still pretty light movements, but I know it is them. I listen to them on the doppler about once a week and can now immediately find both heartbeats, which I love. My next appointment, the 20 week, is December 2nd for their in-depth anatomy scan, which I will get a DVD of from my DR’s office. After that appointment I switch to every 2 weeks for my appts. That is exciting! I did get a call from my new DR while I was on vacation informing me that after she reviewed my notes from my fibroid removal surgery she has concluded I 100% will have to get a c-section due to the complexity of the surgery. I am bummed but it is what it is. It is the safest route. We will have plenty of family in town (I hope) to help out while I recover.

Well here is another shot from my underwater maternity photo shoot I had done in Florida. The photographer is AMAZING!!!! I am so glad I was able to do this shoot. 🙂



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