13 weeks


Today is my last day in my 13th week! 13 week bump pic above! Tomorrow I officially enter the second trimester!! So exciting! Time is really zooming by.

Week 13 started off rocky. I had quite a bit of blood last week, I can’t remember which day exactly, Tuesday maybe. Anyways I ended up going to the ER, had a ton of blood drawn, a pelvic exam, followed by an U/S which all came back normal. Babies were moving a lot and right on track as far as growth. I was scared shitless and it took about 2 days for my eyes to “de-puff” from all the crying I did while waiting in the ER to hear “everything is ok”. No explanation on the blood, I spotted the next day, and then it was gone. No more blood. Seeing red is such a scary thing during pregnancy.

Otherwise everything is going good! My bump is getting big, so are my ass and hips. :-/ I can definitely feel movement every once in a while. It’s so cool because I can feel each one. Baby B is down low and baby A is up high. I don’t feel kicks or anything, more like rolling around. It’s crazy to think there are 2 little babes squirming around inside me. I LOVE it!!!!

We got our Harmony test results back today and both babies tested negative (very low risk) for genetic abnormalities. Yay!! Huge relief!

My nausea is wayyyy less now, thank goodness!! It still comes and goes but it has definitely decreased. I still don’t have any real big cravings. I love pepperoncinis though. I can eat them by the jar full. Breakfast is when I’m most hungry, it’s by far my favorite meal of the day. By the time dinner rolls around I’m just kind of blah.

I finally broke down and bought a pair of maternity jeans, only because that Belly Band is a pain in the ass. It constantly rolls up on me, and the rubberband trick is annoying too. I held off until 13 weeks, not bad. I mostly live in maxi dresses when I go out though. I love them! I just ordered a super cute one online for my baby shower. I cannot wait until it gets here. If I am home though, its sweats and tanks. I have bought a few maternity things, but mostly I just wear L sizes and make things work. I HATE maternity clothes.

Speaking of baby showers I decided to take a solo trip back home to Jupiter (FL) for a week. I go in 2 weeks. My mom and mother n law are throwing me a shower. I’m really excited. Mostly just to be back home,  but also to see all of my friends! Feels like forever! The hard part will be getting gifts back home…

So back to symptoms, yea, not much other than the above. Still have an awful time sleeping. My hips hurt when I lay on my side, but I can’t lay on my back. I bought a pregnancy pillow but it’s a pain in the ass so I don’t use it. I pee about 4-6 times a night, depends on my fluid intake for the day. I get pretty tired when I’m out and about. Yesterday I went to the mall and once we left I literally felt like I had ran a marathon. I was so sore! I keep telling myself I need to exercise every day, I mean I definitely have the time. I am just so lazy. I am really hoping for some energy now that I am going into the 2nd trimester.

I’m just so elated to be pregnant, and with two, I always say these aches and pains, and all the nausea is so worth it. I’ll take it all and then some in exchange for 2 healthy babies! It still feels like I am dreaming. I look in the nursery and see the cribs and all of the baby stuff and it brings the biggest smile to my face. I honestly doubted I would ever have another child, and now I am having two. Such a blessing.

My next appt. is 11/4, hopefully we find out sexes then…can’t wait!


7 thoughts on “13 weeks

  1. Does the Harmony test not tell the sex or is it because it is twins? I thought all those new ones did the same thing just had different brand names. I got the Materni T21 done 🙂

  2. It is supposed to detect if there is a Y chromosome present, which would let us know if at least one is a boy, but for some reason the order for that didn’t go through so they didn’t test for it. So now we wait.

  3. Or like me you an accidentally see it on your chart one day 😛
    I confirmed today that I’m very much having a boy. Very much so LOL…

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