11 & 12 weeks

Today I am officially 13 weeks! I thought this marked the beginning of the second trimester but there is conflicting info about that so I am going to say second tri starts at 14 weeks. Anyways, time is going pretty fast!!!

Week 11 was pretty uneventful. I was still pretty nauseous. That has been my biggest symptom throughout this pregnancy so far. No cravings, food still is just a means for survival and nourishment for babies, I have no pleasure in eating it. Bump picture below…



Week 12 sucked. Well, the start of it was awesome, but then it went downhill. I had my 12 week appointment and everything looked great! The babies are getting so big and they were moving around so much! Baby A was MUCH more active than baby B which was funny to see their personalities. My hubby took an awesome video with the both of them in it. It’s on my Facebook page but I don’t know how to upload it on here. It was so awesome though! So that was the good part of the week.

My son got SUPER sick last Monday night. He woke me up in the middle of the night, he had puked everywhere. I had to get my husband to clean it because of my nausea and aversions to smell. There was no way I could. My poor hubby. It gets cleaned up then about 2 hours later, my son had lost control of his bowels. You talk about a smell from fucking hell. I have never in my life smelled anything like it. I had to clean that one. I thought I would die. It continued all the way through the next day, he even lost control at the DR office and had to leave wearing a gown. Verdict was, he had a virus, it is contagious, disinfect everything. Thursday he was feeling better but I kept him home just to be sure. I cleaned the house top to bottom and prayed nobody else would get sick. Thursday night I woke in the middle of the night puking and shitting. I got it. My son went to school Friday and I stayed in bed all day thinking I was dying. I had a fever, chills, and body aches. My nausea was magnified by about 1000. I called my DR and they said more than likely I caught my sons virus. They prescribed me Phenergan and Zofran for the nausea. As sick as I was I just couldn’t bring myself to take either one. The nurse constantly assured me it was OK to take but I couldn’t do it. I thought about it being passed to my babies and decided to suffer. I mean I made it from week 4 to now with zero meds even though I would cry at night over how nauseous how I was. I mean my nausea was no joke. Non-stop, all day, every day. I just cannot bring myself to put something in my body that might harm the babies. I know, many women do and are fine! I am super paranoid though.

My husband waited on me hand and foot, well sort of. He came home on his lunch break with all the stuff needed for the BRAT diet & tons of Gatorade. Then when he got home from work he made sure I had everything I wanted and needed. He is the most awesome husband ever. By Sunday I was all better. I survived!!!! Thank God!!! I haven’t been that sick in years.

Other than that nothing new happened. Well actually, my peeing at night has gone down to about 4 times. My nausea is wayyyyyyy less than before…thank goodness!!! I still don’t crave anything really. Every once in a while I do but being the foodie I normally am, it’s weird that I just don’t care about food right now. I get full really fast too. Usually I can out-eat my hubby, not anymore. I wear only maternity clothes and sweats now. I can actually fit my “fat jeans” but they’re getting tight around the belly and I hate my Belly Band (constantly rolls up) so I think I will invest in some maternity jeans soon. Here is my 12 week bump…



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