My first cycle vs. my second cycle

This post is basically just a journal of what I did differently my second IVF cycle. Obviously a major difference is that my first was fresh and second was frozen. After doing some research and speaking with my DR, it seems as though FET is actually more successful. My DR said he finds any excuse he can to do FET. With an FET your body has had time to calm down from retrieval and all the meds. Who knows if there is any difference, I only know what worked for me. Another major difference was I had 2 fibroids and some endometriosis removed prior to cycle 2 so my uterus was nice and clean! With my FET I also did assisted hatching. I really think this played a huge role in the success. I mean one of the embryos was halfway out when they put it in me! The other was starting to break out. The second cycle I also took two valium rather than one. I remember with my first cycle taking the one valium and still feeling very tense and anxious. I didn’t relax like I should have. So right before the second I asked for two valium, MUCH better! I was super relaxed all day and so was my uterus! A couple of other things are bedrest, for the first transfer immediately after Dr. Silverberg required me to lay down for 30 min before I could get dressed, well a few months later at my FET he said he had done further research and found that bedrest can actually be a bad thing. Something about the way the embryos rest on the uterine wall. He said if you’re going to sit or lie down, do it propped, not completely lying down. He was voted one of America’s top doctors this year so I tend to believe everything that comes out of his mouth LOL. I immediately got up after the transfer, peed, put in my crinone, got dressed, and left. Once we left we went to Snap Kitchen to pick up our weekly meals, went home and dropped them off, went to a movie, then went to an Open House, then dinner, then home. BUSY day! The days following were similar. 2 days after transfer I even went on a 2 mile walk. He said it gets your blood flowing which is what the embryos need. First transfer I pretty much stayed in bed every single day until my BFN. Speaking of the embies, I also immediately framed the picture of them this time. I put it on my nightstand and kissed it goodnight every single night (and still do). I bonded with them instantly. I believed this time. I was constantly positive and acting as if I was pregnant. The first time I was negative, constantly googling shit, swearing it didn’t work, just a real Debbie Downer. That shit isn’t healthy. I stayed off google 98% of the time and wow, mentally I felt much better! I also had no distractions this time. I don’t work so that isn’t an issue but last cycle I was in school full-time, so were my kids, this time both kids were with family in Florida (summer break) and I did not take any classes. No stress was just what I needed!!!! I just felt so relaxed this time. My DR puts so much emphasis on being stress-free and I agree it makes a huge difference. The only other thing I did differently was eat pineapple. Sure, it’s probably just an old wives tale, but hey, pineapple is f*cking delicious so why not?! I had 2 slices per day, up until 4 days after BFP.

Who knows what the real difference was this time. It could have been a combo of all these things, just one or two, or nothing but God’s plan, all I know is that both of my beautiful embryos took!

3 thoughts on “My first cycle vs. my second cycle

  1. I had the same experience with my second round. First round was strict bed rest ( for the first day and lots of lounging during the TWW. Second time I was up and at em! I had family visit for 5 days and we were super busy. I’m currently 6 weeks with my twins (omg, twins!) so I’ll be following your journey! We’re not going public until Halloween (I was an open book my first IVF and I’m enjoying a bit of privacy this go around…although I’m dying to tell everyone I know!). You can find me at if you want some company for the next 9 months :). Congrats to you!!

    • Congratulations!!! Twins are going to be so much fun!! I’m super excited! I will definitely check out your blog and follow you on your journey! 🙂

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