8 Weeks

It feels like forever since I have posted anything, in reality it has only been 2 weeks I think. I was super sick for a couple of weeks. Horrible nausea that made life miserable and constant diarrhea of all things. Thankfully the nausea has tapered off some, it is worse at night. The diarrhea is also gone thank God!!!! I can actually leave my house now.

I have had 4 ultrasounds so far to see my little peanuts! It has been awesome to watch them grow week by week. Week 6 we heard the heartbeats for the first time and every week since their little hearts have beaten faster. At 7 weeks they were 142/150. Here is their pic…
twins 7 weeks

Week 7 was the last week with my fertility DR. It was bittersweet. I was so sad not to have him as my DR anymore but I was really excited to start going to my regular OB and get acquainted with that office and staff. I cried when I pulled away from Dr. Silverberg’s office. Ahhh, pregnancy hormones!

I have not been fully released yet. They will continue to monitor my estradiol and progesterone. I am down to one estradiol pill per day, still doing crinone 2 a day…yuck! My number needs to be at a 30 to get off I believe they said, last week it was 17. I will probably be on it for another 4 weeks or so. I get labs every week to monitor.

Week 8 DR visit was awesome. I went to my regular OB who is literally 5 minuted from my house and his office is connected to the hospital I will deliver at. BEAUTIFUL office! Everyone was super friendly. I love my DR and my nurse. The u/s tech was awesome too. She did the longest u/s just letting us see our babies from every angle. Their heartbeats were 158/176. I will get u/s at every appt since I am pregnant with twins (yay!!!). Once I got in with the DR it was basically just a Q & A session, no vag exam bc I am loaded with crinone. He reiterated the no deli meat thing, said I could have 1 cup of coffee a day, I can exercise but should wear heart monitor and not let my heart rate get over 140. He also said I basically just need to make it to 34 weeks with the twins, after 34 weeks he will not stop labor. He doesn’t think I will go into labor early though bc I have had 2 successful full term babies. He did say he usually takes twins out at 37 weeks, which would be April 1st! I will continue to see him every 4 weeks until I get further along, and then that will increase. Here are the peanuts at 8 weeks…

twins 8 weeks

Right now they are the size of raspberries. My stomach feels like they are the size of melons though! I feel huge already. I am constantly hungry, even when I am nauseous! My boobs are huge and I pee literally every hour, even at night when I should be sleeping. It all seems so surreal. 2 babies inside me. 3 hearts beating in me. I am pregnant. After years of struggle, pain, heart break, anxiety, you name it. I am pregnant. I just feel so blessed.

I do feel sad at times too. I read about other women still struggling. It breaks my heart. I still pray for all of you! Much Love! xoxo


13 thoughts on “8 Weeks

  1. I’m so glad all is going well! I’m so excited for you! I just read your other post on the comparisons between cycles. I really do think having a positive attitude and believing in the process really does help!

  2. Nausea for me was horrid too – I caved & took Diclectin. Still on it.
    Glad things are getting better. But because of the Progesterone I had and continue to have horrible constipation. Everyone’s differen’t I guess.
    Yay, you have little gummy bears!!!!

    Wow week 7 you graduated? That seems so early!
    I wondered about deli meat….I haven’t completely avoided it. Is that so bad? Gahhh. I also drink 1 cup of coffee per day.

    Congrats! It’s surreal for a long time, let me tell you. I still have moments where I can’t believe I’m pregnant.

  3. Yea I thought it was kind of early too but we were paying $550 each week we went to fertility DR so he let us graduate, somewhat. Won’t officially graduate till off meds.

    I know tons of women who ate/eat sandwich meat and are fine! I’m just super paranoid lol. Plus my hubby heard both DR’s tell me no so he is very adamant about me listening lol. I am doing 1 cup of half caff every once in a while. Well actually it’s only been twice haha. Both times I’ve felt sick after so babies might not like it. :-/

    How have you been feeling?? You’re getting so close! I can’t believe how quickly time has gone!!

  4. Ya I couldn’t drink coffee either for several weeks.
    Ya time seems to fly for a while. I feel I’m some ways it’s slowed. But I’m only five weeks to third trimester!!! Eeeek!

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