6 weeks

Today the most amazing thing happened…we heard both of our little babes hearts beating! It was so beautiful. Baby A was at 109, baby B was at 115. Dr. Silverberg didn’t even think we would be able to hear anything this early but we heard and saw it! I am beyond happy and already so in-love with them both. image

As far as how I’m feeling, well it’s up and down. At times I feel super pregnant, sick, and tired. Other times I’m ok. Last week was really rough. Non-stop nausea and diarrhea. Plus I was having the worst insomnia. I’m sleeping like a log now, well a log that gets up about 6 times a night to pee. 🙂 Don’t really have any specific cravings. Well actually I do, an Italian sub from Jimmy Johns, but DR says no cold cuts!! He did give the OK to have small amounts of chocolate occasionally and an Earl Grey tea every once in a while also. Super excited about that!

I have just been taking it easy, relaxing. It feels good. No stress! I decided not to take classes this semester, or for a while actually. I will put off school. We decided I will stay home with the babies for a few years. I’m so excited about this. I don’t want to miss a thing with them!

My HCG is at 77,000 as of today so I don’t have to get that drawn anymore. I get to go down to 2 Estradiol a day, rather than 3. Still doing Crinone 2x a day for a while. I will see the Dr every week. I’m excited about weekly visits bc I get to see the peanuts but the appts are $430 each time. Ouch! It will all be worth it!

It almost feels like I’m dreaming. I’m feeling so blessed and grateful right now.


16 thoughts on “6 weeks

  1. Very important question: when do the progesterone injections end? Oh my gaaaaaawd!! My butt is so swollen and hurting!! And I’ve only done 4 days of it…. tell me this ends soon!! Pleaaaase!

    • That’s exactly why I’m doing Crinone! It’s a cream inserted vaginally 2x a day. I heard nightmares of the shots! You will be on progesterone till about the end of your first trimester, 12 weeks!! Sorry you’re in pain. Can you see about switching to the inserts?? They’re a little messy, but just use panty liners. No pain!

      • He mentioned them to me before but said that the shots have better results… So not knowing what i was getting myself into, i chose the shots!! Ill see what he says in Friday… Thx for the feedback!

  2. So funny my DR swears by Crinone, which is why I didn’t do shots lol. Well that and the fact I didn’t want butt pain! 😉 It will all be worth it end the end. The meds, pain, anxiety, etc. 🙂

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