Soooooo I went in for a beta today because I have been having some horrendous diarrhea (sorry for the TMI) and a little pain on my right side that has lasted a few days. My 4th beta was 13,463!!!! Dr. Silverberg asked me to come in for an ultrasound to make sure everything is OK. Welllll, we saw two healthy looking sacs!!! We are having twins!!!!! I am so freaking excited!!!!!!! We are due 4/22/2015. We go back next week for another ultrasound. I cannot believe I am growing two small humans in me. I am just ecstatic. I love them both so much already. Here is our u/s pic…

Sokol Twins!

And here is our announcement we made on Facebook a couple days ago (yes, we announced before our u/s), and as you can see our family and friends are VERY happy for us!!!

Sokol Anncmt

Well that’s all for now! Soooooo happy!!!!!!!!


16 thoughts on “TWINNING!!!!!!!

  1. Wow brave to announce so early ! LOL
    I didn’t want anyone to know for ever LOL

    And TWINS?! WEEEEEEE! So happy for you

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