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I originally thought that once I got pregnant I would stop posting on this blog, create a “pregnancy” blog, and leave the link for anyone that may want to follow me. I have decided not to do so. This whole thing is a journey. My journey. It is all linked together, and I want to keep it together. There is light at the end of the rainbow. I understand people will unfollow me because I’m now pregnant, and that’s ok. I have no idea how many followers I have anyways to be honest. I was there. I unfollowed probably everyone that was pregnant after my failed cycle. Not because I wasn’t happy for them, but because I was hurting and seeing those posts was a constant reminder as to why I was hurting. So to those of you that feel the need to unfollow me, I understand and I am truly rooting for you. This is a gut wrenching process. Hell, I’m not even out of the woods yet (but I’m optimistic). For those that stay on board, thanks! 🙂

Much Love. Xo


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