Just got beta number 2 and it more than doubled! 🙂 We went from 303 to 766! So excited, I just pray that it continues to go this way. Now I have to wait a week to get another HCG drawn. How will I survive??!! I was hoping to get another Friday but they said I’m good. So now I wait…again.

As far as how I’ve been feeling, well, it’s up and down. My breasts are definitely feeling fuller but the tenderness comes and goes. It freaks me out when it goes. I’m like, “Oh shit, I need to feel pregnant! I need sore boobs and nausea!” Lol. I’m actually nauseous A LOT, especially at night it seems. I stocked up on ginger ale. I’ve had headaches that come and go as well. My sleep has been wacky, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and be up for hours. My mind is racing. It’s the excitement and anxiety I think. I have been relaxing a lot, it feels good just to watch TV and read books with no distractions. I’m just so darn excited and anxious for our first ultrasound, the week of the 25th!! 🙂


13 thoughts on “10dp5dt

    • Thank you! No, no u/s yet. 😦 I do another blood draw next Wednesday and I’m assuming they’ll schedule it after that. On Monday she told me I would have to wait 2 1/2 weeks for the u/s! I guess because officially I’m only 4 weeks 1 day today. Too soon?

      • Aww bummer! My first ultrasound was at 6w4d so yeah..sounds about right. I also didn’t get betas until 12dp5dt and 14dp5dt so my ultrasound was scheduled 2 weeks after the second beta! I’m hoping the next couple of weeks pass quickly and you’ll get to see your baby/babies before you know it!

  1. Yay for double numbers! Sounds GREAT!

    I had nausea most in the evenings & nights. Fresh ginger is best tho….there’s hardly any ginger in gingerale. If you boil water, slice some fresh ginger in a cup & add the hot water, let it steep – its strong but works very, very, very well. I use it for a lot of tummy ailments. And I have many! And keep eating! That helps too.

    • Oh that sounds awesome. I’m going to get ginger tomorrow! My nausea comes and goes. It totally freaks me out when it goes. It’s like I don’t want to feel like shit but feeling bad lets me know I’m still pregnant. I’ll be a wreck until my ultrasound. Who am I fooling, I’ll be a wreck until I give birth to a healthy baby!

      • LOL I feel exactly the same I’ll stop worrying once the babies here and then they’ll be new worries! The nausea does come and go so don’t worry about that. Sounds like everything is going really well!

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