I have one more day to go. The suspense is killing me. I mean, I feel pregnant, 100%. But of course…I could be wrong. It is definitely a different feeling than my last transfer which is why I don’t think it’s the progesterone, I think it’s a baby…or two. šŸ˜‰ I’ve been pregnant before and each time has felt like this. I’m super excited, extremely nervous, and VERY anxious!

Last night was pretty rough. My breasts were extremely sore and sensitive all day, but that doesn’t bother me. I actually like it. It makes me feel pregnant LOL. I got really sick though. We went to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (awesome movie) and afterwards went to one of our favorite restaurants, Ramen Tatsu-ya. Best ramen ever. Anyway, immediately after eating it I felt sick. We rushed home and I was on and off the toilet all night and still am. The nausea was unreal. My hubby and the other couple we went with were fine. I was actually so sick that we left the other couple there, still eating their food. I normally would never do that because it’s rude but that’s how ill I was. Here is the beautiful ramen.


So tomorrow I find out if indeed there is life growing within me. I pray this gut feeling I have is right. I want to go to CVS so bad and get a test, but I promised my husband I would wait. So today I will try extremely hard to keep myself busy. It feels like Christmas Eve. I think my husband likes torturing me. He did buy me a super awesome new bracelet this weekend though, to make up for the torture maybe? I don’t know, but it made me happy! Diamonds always make me happy! šŸ™‚


Ok, I am off on a quest to stay busy. Fingers crossed, tomorrow I post amazing news! Xo


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